Sandusky River Guys-Check This Out!

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  1. man thats a long time coming and great news for all concerned especially the eyes.

  2. Great news for the Warreye. Once that happens, maybe it'll relieve some of the fishing pressure on the Maumee
  3. I don't expect that to happen anytime soon:(
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    Fantastic! It has been a long time coming. Along with the eyes', it's also great news for canoe/yak'ers.
  5. What do you think it will do the the white bass run (not that it matters compard to the improved warreye).
  6. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    I have mixed feelings...
    It will be awhile but I can't wait to see about 5years after its done....
  7. Lake Erie

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    ODNR and other Government bodies have been working to remove "unnecessary" dams from Lake Erie tributaries for years now, the program started several years ago with the long term goal of reverting several stretches of waterway back to their (or close) origional condition.

    This will be good for all wildlife and fish, and for recreation. Fish such as sturgeon have lost 95% of their former spawning habitat, and removing the dams will help bring back some viable habitat.

    Many of the lowhead dams were built for commerce (mills, etc.) and are technically no longer neccessary. It would be nice to remove almost all of them.
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    im all for it lol i cant wait to see how many ppl's yards get so much bigger afterthe dam is removed.
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    The state would actually like to see all lowheads and dams removed from all the rivers in the state(except the Ohio and Muskingum with their dams and locks).

    On the Sandusky river I would like to see the lowhead removed from McCucheonville and the dam removed from Tiffin. Then, the smallie fishing would go from "pretty good" to Awesome!

  10. sombody needs to show me the ropes to river fishing for walleye's, I have been there three years in a row with only one snagged walleye:( The first year I used a lead jighead, the second a floating jighead, the third the same but carolina rigged with a slinky sinker and long leader. People around me catch them but not me? What gives

  11. River conditions play a big factor in walleye fishing in my opinion. Faster current you will need more weight for it to "bounce” of the bottom, to much you are going to get snagged up. The most important thing I found was getting your weight to bounce along the bottom. You may made need to change your set up several times till you get the right weight and set up. I had better luck on longer leaders then shorter ones this past walleye run. I really don’t think colors of the jig really matter when fishing for Maumee and Sandusky walleye, if it is in front of them they are going to eat it.
    Hope this helps
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    Yeah IMO river fishing has skill to it but really has a lot of luck too... If you fish the Sandusky its not surprising you only got one walleye... For the thousands of guys who fish it only about 1000 and change keep a legal eye... And even so like its always said 90 percent of the fish are caught by 10 percent of the people.. So many answers out there lol...
  13. Thanks for the help maybe come springtime I'll run into one of you guys. If your ever in my neck of the woods and need a spot or two give me a holler. I wanted to drive to maumee this year but since I had no luck in Fremont I didn't want to drive there for nothing. The river seemed to be high everyday that I didn't have to work, and just about right everytime I was at work:( lol Thats how it goes huh?