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Sandusky bay

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mojo, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. anyone been out there lately, i have a club tournament this weekend and plan on prefishing saturday but any help would be appreciated. we've been planning on just flipping docks for largemouth but smallies are always an option. I've never fished the bay at all and have no idea where to try. anyone know tournaments there lately, i have no problem catching release fish by the
  2. Mojo,I have gotten some nice smallies drifting by the marblehead lighthouse.The lgmouth bass fishing back by fridays is starting to heat up.

  3. thanks for the info. we're running in a 15 ft beat up skeeter craft with a 50 hp on it (poor college students) so marblehead might be a little far depending on where we're putting in at but we'll see. I can't talk too bad about the boat, it kept up dry in 3-4 footers on the canadian shoreline out of the detroit, talk about stupid. we turned around pretty fast and went largemouth fishing the rest of day.
  4. If you can haddle the north shore , You can haddle lighthouse or even kellys...
  5. Unless their is a west wind. Been inbetween Kelleys with a big west wind in a small boat. Big boats, ferrys, freighters and a west wind can be deadly in the passage! DEADLY!
  6. WLB

    WLB Northern Ohio Fisherman

    It's not called the slop shoot for nothing :) Beware!
    If it's ruff stay in the bay, plenty of fish, alot drier :)