Sandusky Bay

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  1. Went up to the bay yesterday with my dad,didn't get a bight:S . Anybody been up in that area? Is there a better time of the day to look for perch there, a better spot than others? have any of you had any luck there? just wondering!...B.L.
  2. Just got back from east harbor. Gills started hitting at 5 and had 80 out of the ice in by 6:30 with two guys. Maybe 15 keepers. Stopped by rangers twice. Play it safe. There has been a lot of talk of perch in the harbor at night.

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    You say play it safe, was there bad ice out there? How thick did you have, and how deep was the water?
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    why didnt we go there last weekend??? holden out or what???
  5. Ice is plenty thick, 10 to 12 inches in some spots.