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  1. from the cleveland area working out in sandusky, wondering when the eye run will be, and what I should use that would work? thanks
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    next spring....starting in march. no fall run. but you can catch them from shore at night on erie. places like mazuricks and catawba state park.

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    Eyes can be caught all around the Sandusky shoreline in the late fall. You never know when, you just get out there and try. Some years it is in Mid October and some years it doesn't happen until November. Water temp. is the key imo, once it dips below 60F get out there and give it a whirl. Try the Jackson Street Pier, Battery Park Marina and behind the Police Station.
  4. thanks for the help i've been fishing jackson st pier for pearch and been doing ok. when i want to try for some eyes what should i use?

  5. Dupont Spinners :) :)
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    Rapala Husky Herks (HJ12 and HJ14) and Reefrunner Ripsticks will do the trick.