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  1. Water temp 68 fish are on flats like 10 ft of water ... let your line out 8 to 10 ft.. firetiger and black shad or something close should do it. I fished with Dan we boated 6 mostly 30ish .. and a big one jumped out of Dan's hands before we could get a measurement.. the winning fish was a 45 incher... here's a photo of a few caught by our newest members .. they boated 3

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  2. Pretty Cool

    Hey, Muskie Guy -- Was over on your site --- Very Nice.

  3. Thanks, stop in again sometime. We are there always ready to talk muskies. whats a Blue Pike ?
  4. there are still some blue pike in remote areas in canada, a friend of mine caught 2 last summer. they were the original big fishery in lake erie but with no regulation of any kind they were fished out, there hasn't been any in the great lakes for years, very cool little fish though, i've always wanted to see what a blue saugeye would look like
  5. Yea, my dad fished in Canada a couple years ago and caught a blue pike. He has pictures of it somewhere. Ill take a look and see if I can find it.
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    I've brought "walleye" home from Canada with the skins on them. When I thaw them out there is bright blue slime in the bags. Maybe these are blue pike. I'll have to look closer this fall.
  7. Thanks .. I never knew anything about that
  8. i'll be there this weekend...sleeping on boat trolling for biggins:) red,white,and black cruiser.....flag flying!!!!!!!!!