Saltfork Sauger Caught

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  1. I was out this week and got my limit of Saugeye but it took several hours. Got most bites at the edge of drop offs with jig and minnow but the biggest fish all came on a worm harness draging in 8'-10' with gold blades.
    Biggest was 3 1/2lb. It was hard to believe that I was doing better at
    noon (85 degrees) than early morning. Ran into some nice White Bass and man can those things fight. Fished around the cabin area and hit the points and rock shores, within 30' of the bank in most places.
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    Curious , as to how the water is at Saltfork? Is it high or muddy after the rains? Busy with pleasure boats?

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    Dragline...I was on SF from Thurs-Sat and had the same results, and same pattern. Smoked the eyes in the middle of the day on drop off casting jig/tail/minnow on mainlake and secondary points. Even found the white bass in the mix too. Those eyes were aggressive!!

    Also saw 3 muskie caught by trollers within 50-100 yards of us Fri morning.
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    that is not uncommon for those critters;)
    some of my best catches at this time of year have come by trolling harnesses in the middle of the day:)
    just wish i could get out and do it more often now.
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    Made it over on Father's day- fished from 8:30-3:30 and got 10 saugeye, 8 crappie, 3 white bass, 1 bass, 1 BG, 2 channel, brought home 6 saugeye... all caught trolling 1/8 and 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with crawlers... hot color was orange!! Thanks Dragline, decided to hit it because of your post! 10' was the depth!! Found 3 keepers in the bay to the left of the cabin ramp, the other 3 were caught at the entrance to the bay on the way to Morning Glory!!(wife tied me on keepers!:p ) DJA- very busy on Sun. afternoon!! We fished in an 11" alum V w/ trolling motor only- you have to stay alert with the waves from the big boats!!;) We get a lot of looks in the speed zone, but the waves give the bait more action! Took a vacation day weds., respooled w/ fresh 4# test, we'll be back with a post tomorrow night!:B