saltfork problem,please help!!!!

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  1. Went to saltfork yesterday all went well,a few crappie,and other assorted pan fish.The Problem happened after we pulled the boat out of the water,any thing below the water line was stained a brownish yellow.I tried to wipe it off with a towel but of course it would not come off.Granted the boat is a 1987 model(white) and blue and the gel coat is not in the best condition,but is has been waxed and maintained reasonably well.I tried a whole gambit of cleaners,409,orange clean,clr.even plain bleach,all to no avail.Even broke out the rubbing compound with only a little improvement.Has anyone else had this happen? and if so how did you get it off???I have no idea what was in the water that caused this to happen.I've been on this lake many times ths summer,and many other times in the fall and never had this happen before.I think I'll put a bug in ODNR,s ear as well.Any thoughts would be appreicated..Thank's ,Osprey
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    Its possible the lake is starting to "turn over".
    It very common for all kind of nasty things to float up off of the bottom.

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    Hey osprey, Gel coat is an open coat style of paint and sometimes the stain gets imbedded in the pores of the gelcoat. I fished for years in the Mississippi River basin south of Baton Rouge and oil sheen was a really bad problem there. the best solution I found was Oxyclean and lots of elbow grease. Routine waxing with a teflon boat polish does wonders. Do not use car wax. Hope this helps, like Lewis said the lakes are starting to turn over this time of year and you never know.
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    Mean Green - Super Strength. You can get it at Dollar General stores. Spray it on straight and scrub. Then take a power washer to it. We deal with that type of stain all the time at the Marietta Boat Club with boats in the Muskingum any length of time. If that doesn't get it, go to Overtons on line and get some of their boat cleaner. (gunk off or something similar to that) It contains an acid, so you will have to rewax everything afterwards. And use rubber gloves while you are using it. We also bottom paint our boats with a teflon based paint. You can get it in white. Nothing sticks to it then.
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    I went out today and yes there was some brown stuff in places. The boat had a brown fat line down it when I put it on the trailer. Had read your post before going out, so got out the TSP and a sponge, took it all off easily. Think it would have come off with just regular soap. My boat is an 87 procraft fiberglass, no wax on it. No problem

    But was out 6 hours and didn't get a bite - bass fishing. Threw just about everything in the 4 lure cases, trolled, plastic worms and even trolled a 6" swim bate. But it was a lovely day:)
  6. We stayed down there this weekend. What a place to visit! Saltfork is incredible. We will make it an annual event for sure. Stayed in one of the cabins. The lodge is a heck of a place also.

    We fished some but it was mostly for a family gathering. I did see 3 saugeye/walleyes caught by the cabin bay / narrows. We trolled for muskies a while and jigged for eyes for a bit. Many pan fish caught no eyes. Plenty of marks 10 to 15 foot. I wished I could have fished more. I was surprised by the brackish water look. I got slimed by the scum also as we pulled the boat out of the water. I will work on it tonight.

    The fish that I saw caught were caught on Vibees. I keep learning a little more each time on that lake.