saltfork north boat ramp

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  1. slf


    Can anyone yell me if the north boat ramp off freedom rd will accomidate a 19ft deep v boat? Thank you.
  2. BrianSipe17

    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    If it's the one I am thinking of, the area is pretty shallow. We have launched a canoe there, but I wouldn't launch my boat. Once again, I may be thinking of a different ramp, though.

    Morning Glory or one of the Marinas are all nice ramps.

  3. It sounds like the one next to the bridge. If it is I wouldn't launch anything there except a kayak or canoe. The water is very shallow. I have a 16' glorified row boat and I can get up that far on the lake but I have to use my electric because the gas motor sets too deep in the water. I would suggest Morning Glory or Sugartree. The best by far is the ramps at the cabin area but is a little more of a drive if you aren't staying there. Good luck...
  4. If that is the ramp at the back of the Rocky Fork arm, no you cannot. It is too shallow in the back to even run you big motor. The Morning Glory ramp would be better for a rig that big. It will be fine unless they draw the lake down late in the fall like they said they are going to do every year now. Last year there was only a couple of feet of water in front of the Morning Glory ramp after draw-down.