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saltfork july 3-6...

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wave warrior, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. rented a cabin for mom & I...usualy get a room at the lodge but a cabin was avail. so i took it!!:D anyone else going to be there??? will have the 19' cuddy there evening cruise watching the sunset on saltfork can leave on speechless!!!;)
  2. Who's watching the sun when there's FISH to catch!

    Just kidding............sunsets are totally awesome down there, don't know if it's the peace and quiet or what, but seems they always leave me speechless.

    I'll definately be down there that weekend.

    You also want something fun to do - head over to the golf course and drive around those roads and up to the driving range - you can always see TONS of deer. My wife hand-fed a doe cheerios one night 2 years ago. It was really neat. - SHHH!! don't tell anyone!

    If you also want something fun to do - go to the clubhouse and get some tokens before they close for the driving range, then head over to the driving range, get your balls and wait. The deer all come out and feed on the lower section of the driving range. Last year my brother in law and father in law and I all hit 3 buckets each and STILL couldn't hit any!! HAHA! they just watch your ball fly/roll past and keep eating. It's funny.

  3. typed a LONG post and it dissapeared!!! anyway if you want to hook up that week for a fishing mission(morning) or an evening sunset cruise pm me and we'll 'git-er-dun!!:)