salt fork???

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  1. Ok Ice guy's, Have any of you fished saltfork thru the the ice? If not why not? I WAS THERE (AT THE MARINA) on wed. without an auger but walked out on the ice,no noise it seemed pretty solid I've always wanted to hit it in the winter but as yet haven't made it.Would like to know if there's a reason I haven't seen any reports from this lake in the winter.Thank's,osprey
  2. We used to ice fish Salt Fork when we were around there at college. We always fished by the covered bridge area...opposite side of the bridge from the Stone House...and did alright on small fish. We never really got into anything big. We also fished the cabin area once and did o.k.

    Biggest thing about Salt Fork that I noticed was differences in ice thickness. I was always nervous on that lake. Always walk with a spud bar, and don't go alone. We found places that would go from 6 inches to 2 or less real fast. I don't know whether it is the current from the stream beds or what, but it was odd. Coves always seemed to be o.k., it was always out on the main parts of the lake.

    The ranger down there used to be pretty rude to ice fisherman also. He tried to run us off a time or two from inside the park, but the lakes big. He never could watch the whole thing. Just don't be stupid about it, and you will be fine. We always had a rope between us, and checked the ice more than normal.

  3. For some reason ( maybe all the springs and creek channels ) the ice never seems to be very safe. I fished it until it started freezing and they had started dropping the level back to to winter pool where it was before all the rain we had this fall. If the rangers see you they will run you off of it. They close a lot of the roads around the lake in the winter I think to make it harder to get on the ice and they post signs everywhere about the ice never being safe to be on.