salt fork?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by smalliediehard, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. anything goin on down there? i havent been able to get out the last two weeks and i was wondering what the water temp down there was and if fishing picked up any
  2. Fished the Fork yesterday with my Dad. Got a lot of Crappies with few keepers. They were taken in 10 to 12 fow on 1/16oz. jigs tipped with Bass minnows. Fished with Vibes early in the morning. Landed several White Bass along with 7 Saugeyes. Three were throw backs while the keepers were 17-18in. long. All Saugeyes were taken in 18-19fow with 3/8oz. blue and chrome Vibes. My dad boat doesnt have a temp.gauge but a friend that was there told me it was 56 degrees.

  3. thanks,im planning on going down nxt weekend vertical that water sure as hell cooled down quick the lake is deff turned over should be got your fish pretty shallow by this time of the year im getting them in 21-25 fow next to the creek bed.just curious but were you fishing cabin bay area?
  4. Thats the area I was in. Seems like when they first show up they are up in 18-20 fow for some reason. Must be where the shad are too. After the turn-over is complete I get them down as deep as 32 fow.
  5. yeah same here,and deeper sometimes.i get few in the creek channel just cuz i think those are the most inactive fish,usually any spot where theres a small flat or finger out from the main creek channel is where i do best