Salt Fork

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  1. Planning on hunting muzzle loader week of the Th at Salt Fork this year.Bringing a camper and want to know if the camp grounds are open that week.Anybody going to be there? I hunt by the horse bridal parking lot but don't know if you can park a camper there.Thanks for any information.
  2. camp ground is open but i don't know how much room they have this close to it. i'll be hunting down there starting saturday. good luck

  3. The camp ground will be open and you will not have any problem getting a spot. We stay in the camp ground during gun season, and i have stayed there during the early muzzloader hunt and there is always plenty of spots. i will be down there mid week this year. Good luck.
  4. Thanks guys I made a scouting trip this weekend and checked out were we are hunting and the camping lots.They said they expect a lot of hunters but have lots of camping sites.Heres some phone # Camp office 740-432-1508
    wildlife management 740-489-5021 Fred
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    I have never looked those phone numbers myself, but I assume the area code is 740 and not 704. I'm assuming the rest of the number is correct.