Salt Fork water conditions

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  1. Just checking to see if anyone has seen Salt Fork lately. I was wondering what the water conditions were like. Is it still high and muddy?
  2. I checked it today. Water level at full and normal spring pool.The dam area water is clearing up but the other parts of the lake still pretty mud stained but much better that it was. Water temp is 50 to 52 in the places I checked.

  3. Well crap,, That's all about to change with all this rain were getting lastnight and today. Look's like we're going back to high and muddy.
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    Is there a web site that has the water level of the lake??
  5. Thanks guys. Guess I'll wait till the rain clears out for a couple of days.
  6. if the water temps are really at 50+ i'll be bank fishing cause less then a week ago in a hole i found with the water being 47 or so i was getting crappie on bobber and a secret....
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    Will be crappie fishing on Sunday with the better half... gonna check the area around the marina off SR22-will post results and water conditions:B