Salt Fork & Smallies

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  1. Hey Guys, I spend most of my time on Piedmont Lake and know it like the back of my hand. I've been checking out this Southeast Reports pretty often. I made a few trips to Salt Fork and like what I saw. I was wondering if there are any Smallies in this lake. Any info on this lake would be appreciated.
  2. There are some in there,but they are few and far between. You can see one brought in a tourny once in while. We always fished for them at night in the summer. The numbers arent there like at Piedmont tho.

  3. is piedmont fairly decent for smallies?
  4. I would have to say, if you're going bass fishing out Piedmont, your chances of a Smallmouth are EXTREMELY good.
  5. what are the average numbers and size like?
  6. you can catch smallies anywhere in piedmont but ive seen most come from the dam side of the lake ive fished alot in this lake and have caught some big smallies over the 4 lb mark with the biggest going 5.2 lbs..the numbers seem like they go up every year for trophy sized fish.
  7. ronnie_everett10 is right. Next to Lake Erie, Piedmont would probably have to be the best smallmouth lake in Ohio.
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    The piont across from the marinia is rocky and has a decent number of smallies there. Just need to find areas with alot of rock and you'll pick up a few samllies
  9. thanks guys,i live in canton so its a good trip to go all the way down there.milton has got to be a trophy lake for smallies,ive fished it hard this year and in past years with my biggest from there being 22" and fish in the 19-20". its a tough lake to learn and pattern so i was wondering if piedmont was going to be the same.
  10. yeah its not a hard lake to figure out just find any kind of rocky areas and they will be holding smallmouth if you do make it to fish this lake try the rocky areas at the dam it holds a large number of fish and will be worth the try and if you can get down when the bass spawn your in for a big treat!!
    I have been getting some good SM.19 1/2" is my biggest so far.A lot in the 13" to 18" this year.I'm using a $#@%&^ AND A +@$#*..........hard to believe that they hit that!!! :)