Salt Fork Reports Anyone?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by kmc, May 22, 2004.

  1. kmc


    Going to be visiting Salt Fork over Memorial Day weekend. Any news or advice for fishing that lake?
  2. heading up there myself memorial day weekend...hope to see you there.....was up there on the 15th and killed the crappies....rained the whole day. Saw a few other people on the bank and on the lake that werent catching very many...saw the pulling in several small crappie but we done pretty good...minnows about 6 ft deep....ended up with 2 eyes about 12" also. Overall it was a decent day, have done better though

  3. heard a report today that salt fork was up about 6 ft and all the ramps were under water anyone know how accurate this is ?
  4. 6 ft high would be a huge exageration. It might be about 2 ft high, but probably closer to 1.5' by now. All the ramps are probably under water, but you could still launch a boat. Just have to be careful.
  5. ramp at cabins is fine. caught 8 bass today & had a follow from a musky[about 36" long. caught everything on a jig & pig
  6. moke11


    Was there on Saturday, launched from Sugar Creek marina? Water was high, and a nice gentleman kindly indicated there was a concrete pier between the boat lanes. Thanks for the advice.

    We managed about 60 fish (while crappie fishing), but no keepers. Everything was small. Could not keep the channels cats off our minnows. I think 10 of 60 were small channels.

    It was a great day to be on the water. We launched about 4pm, and I could not believe how few boats were on the water considering the beautiful weather.
  7. moke11 we were there sat. what kind of boat do you have? we were eyes fishing we end up catching about 10 or so also caught white bass,carppie,and cats end up takeing 6 eyes home three was in the 18inch range the other were about 14inch made nice meal:)
  8. Moke11, were you the folks in the black expedition I believe it was?? We were down there at the marina messing around enjoying the weather. Ended up with one small bass on a lizard. Was down at the other marina last night and not a thing was biting. The lake is high, but not horrible. You should still be able to launch, but you may get a little wet. Like Moke11 said, watch out for the concrete in between the ramps if you aren't familiar with the lake, because they are hard to see. As long as we don't get a ton of rain the rest of the week, it should be good for the weekend. If anyone ever wants to get together down here, drop me a pm and we can meet up. I'll be hitting Seneca and Salt Fork both this weekend for Flatties. Hopefully they will be cooperating. Two years ago, memorial day weekend was the best weekend of my flathead career, so hopefully history can repeat this weekend. Tight lines,
  9. how about a little help on the cats from the bank....i would like to get the kids out one night this weekend and wont have enought room on the boat for all the kids...where would be a good spot to take them ?
  10. Really there hasn't been a real bad place for channel cats. If you are camping, you may want to just drive down to the campers docks and try there. We usually do good there while we are camping. Some other places we like to fish would be in the area of the stone house, by the docks where the park office is right inside the park, at either one of the marinas, and along the first marina road is also pretty good. You should be able to catch some channel cats just about anywhere. Just find a place that looks comfortable and sit down. The nice thing about the marinas is that there are some lights so it isn't as dark. The lake should be pretty busy this weekend, but you still should be able to find a good place to sit. I almost forgot, you can't go wrong at any of the bridges either!! Hope the kids have a good time and tight lines, If you see a newer grey chevy 3/4 ton with mossy oak stickers on the windows, stop by and say hi.

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    water levels from tuesday to wednesday, fell at least a foot and a half. I have been there catching some nice channels, but at a place where you would want a boat to get to. I use my jon boat. the cats were not biting as good there though yesterday as they were before the water went back down a little. The water is still a little high, but I don't know exactly how high it is. I would say try places where creeks come into the lake. I did see quite a few people fishing near the caves and the old covered bridge area, but don't know how they were doing. Good luck whereever you go!
  12. Thanks in a silver expedition or a brown champion bass boat...hopefully all these storms down here in highland county wont hit up there....had a big storm tonight big hail even had a tornado spotted in fayette county about 5 miles north of home !!!!!
  13. kmc


    Thanks for replying to my original post everyone. We will be at Salt Fork over Memorial Day weekend staying in the park in a lakefront cabin. Will probably also fish from in-front of the cabin and the cabin docks area. We're not planning on renting a boat. Hoping to get some crappie vs cats that most people seem to want.

    Anyway, thanks again for the info.
  14. Had a good weekend on salt fork...landed my 1st ever muskie.....and from what i hear it was a pretty nice one !!!!! 40 inch !!!!! 18 lb. got into a few eyes and lots and lots of white bass and large mouth. no large moust with any size biggest was about 2 lb. any other weekend reports ????
  15. kmc


    A few small crappie from the cabin area docks last weekend. Must need a boat on Salt Fork, unless someone wants to share their shoreline panfish tips. Won't be back until next May to try again.
  16. I'll be fishing a Steel workers bass tournament the first week-end in June. I sure could use some good advice abut where to fish and some good tips and tactics to win this thing.:)
  17. Didn't know there were enough steelworkers to even have a tournoment anymore. I retired 2 years ago from what is now RG Steel. I fished Salt Fork monday and was skunked

    bass are on beds. I didn't have any luck catching bigfoot either. I like Salt Fork but rarely fish there it is such a pain in the ass to get around because of all the no wake zones. They just as well make it a trolling motor only lake. I can run full throtle on the 10 horsepower
    Lakes. I usally launch at the route 22 ramp. There is alot nice shoreline there, I especially like the bay on the other side of route 22, lots of wood.
    Should pick up pretty good by 1st of June though. Myself I don't think tournaments should be
    permited until after June 15th. But good luck anyway.
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  18. Why June 15th. You mean because of bedding Bass? The warmer weather this year should have an early spawn for most bass. Most should have done their business by the time of our June 2nd and 3rd bass tournament. Thanks for your post.

  19. Yes that is my opinion. I have heard PA doesn't permit bass tournaments or even permit
    you to pursue bass until after June 15. From my experiance on June 2 bass will guarding their beds, you drag them off their beds the bluegills will have a buffet.
  20. Bad Bub

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    And you shouldn't be able to fish for crappie, walleye, bluegills, muskie, white bass, carp..... hell, let's just close all the lakes until july so nothing gets harassed while the spawn is going on.... give it a rest people. If you don't want to catch a spawning fish, don't get your boat out until summer.

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