Salt Fork Report

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Procraft, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Went out for a couple hours this morning. Mainly to check out the boat and motor for the new season. Got a couple nibbles on a jig not much else. Water is slightly stained all over. No floating debris. Forgot to put on my fish finder so no temperature reading. Lake is slightly above full. ODNR was pulling in their nets, don't know what they were doing but there were about 15 ODNR guys and someone from OSU at the Morning Glory ramp.
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    Fished from the N Salem ramp on the 9th(weds)- got a mixed bag. Looked for crappie, only found some dinks. Got bass, bluegill, white bass, and a few small saugeye. All fish were caught on twisters, most on charteuse. The eye came out of 10-12' of water, the bass and bluegill in half that. The lake was just above normal pool and has cleared nicely. Good day to be out!!:T

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    Division of Wildlife are collecting muskie eggs right now at SF
  4. i fishin salt fork yesterday for crappies with no luck didntget the first bitewe was useing minnows and twister tails. BILL H.
  5. anybody ever fish at rushville for crappies? how is the water down there.