Salt Fork questions

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  1. We'll be at Salt Fork Sept 11-14 and wolud like info on fishing. Most likely trolling for saugeye or crappie. Is daytime or night time better and what is best to use. I have fished there a few times and am looking forward to a great trip. Hopefully we can boat some fish. Thanks
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    As far as bass fishing goes... I've had better numbers in the morning, but bigger fish in the evening. I have no idea what to tell you for trolling as I've never done that myself, but I'm sure somebody will mention something. Search this forum for other posts about Salt Fork, you'll probably find what you're looking for.

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    The cabin bay area is always a great place to start. If you get bored with that head down towards the stone house area and troll from the no wake buoys down around the bend towards the stone house. Be sure to work that point as you make the turn towards the stone house. If you have a map these 2 areas are easily identified and you can launch close to each spot. The cabin bay has it's own ramp and Sugartree Marina has a ramp that will put you close to the stone house bay. Check your map and you will see a nice flat in between Sugartree and the opening going into the stone house bay, we used to hit saugeyes and white bass on that flat in September. Good Luck, it's one of my favorite lakes to fish although I rarely get there anymore.