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Salt Fork next weekend

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by marksduramax, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. I plan on going there next weekend. I have never been to salt fork. what is ever one catching there and what are you usein as bait? Im up for catching any thing lol lookin for bass or catfish or walleyes and muskellunge... Is there a bait shop close by? Any one with any info would be great!

    Is any one going to be there next weekend?
  2. I was there 3 weeks ago. And yes the Marinas sell bait and also as you come into the park there is Lakeside Bait which is reasonable. It's off of 22. ON the other side out side of the park on rte 35 there is the largest bait store around called Salt Fork Outdoors Bait and Tackle. Great selection of everything you need and they'll be able to tell you what is biting. When I was there, I caught a 26 inch carp on dough balls because that's what he told me was the way to catch them. Didn't get anything else large, but it is a beautiful park.

  3. Bass fishing is tough at Salt Fork. I fished a tourney there last week. On saturday 53 teams turned in 24 keepers. Sunday was a little better but not much.
  4. I'm there every weekend, we've got a camper down there. Matter of fact, there's a nice little bait shop called "Salt fork outdoors" that's right off 77 at the Kimbolton exit, get to the stop sign and if you turn right you'll go down twords the morning glory ramps and if you turn left this shop is on the right side, you can see it from the stop sign. great place - and great place to learn about what's biting and what to use.

    go to and you can even print off maps of the lake.

    I was just in there saturday morning about 6am.

    By the way........didn't catch squat this weekend!!

  5. Saltfork kicks my tail on the muskies but it is one of the most scenic and peaceful lakes i have been to in ohio
  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I'll be there this thurs-sun camping with the wife/son and friends. Love that lake, and the last few years we've done well on the eyes/crappie this time of year.
  7. I will be there July 1st-5th, we rented a cabin last year and my son and I fished around the cabin area, my son did pretty descent last year on channels just sitting a nightcrawler on the bottom, we also caught crappie, bluegill, LM and saugeye on nightcrawlers and minnies, got our bait at Lakeside there on 22 just as you enter the park, I will second the thought that it is a very beautiful, peaceful place to vacation, thats why we are almost yearly visitors to the park.
  8. That's why we've got a camper just outside the morning glory ramps! Beautiful lake and a wonderful place to "recharge" your batteries every weekend!!!!

    I'll be out this weekend in my boat..........15' light blue flake Procraft with a 90 Evinrude on it. I park and launch at the Morning glory ramps........I've got a Maroon F-150 SuperCrew - can't miss it!!! BBC Sticker in the back window........soon as somebody sends me an OGF sticker I'll slap that on her too!!!!

    Wave if you see me!!
  9. Well i hope to catch something other then bluegill I hope the weather stays nice with no rain. Might see some of you on the water.
  10. I will be there the 18th to the 24th camping. I will also have my baot down there, look for me, it will probably be the one sinking.... feel free to toss me a line! ;)
  11. I will be gone time you guys get there monday

  12. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Red/Silver stratos Fish-n-ski with a 150 faststrike littered with OGF stickers. We use the campground ramp, so give me a shout if you see us. Should be a gorgeous weekend, so I'm not expecting stellar fishing.
  13. Taking the family there this weekend myself. We are shorebound and will be trying for gills around the camper's docks. This is my father's day gift from the family, a weekend at Salt Fork where I can relax.
  14. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Pond puppy...I'll be launchin at the campground ramp all weekend. If you see my boat, say hello. I'll have a little something for any OGF member that stops me this weekend!!
  15. OK - what kind of boat are you going to be driving??? I'll be out just about all weekend in my boat!!!!

    If you've got stickers - then I'll mug you at the ramp! HAHA! I hear those are like Paris Hilton's freedom right now.........hard to come by!!!! HAHA!
  16. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Hahaha!! I don't have stickers, but I do have a buncha OGF keychains on hand.

    Here's a pic of my rig. Trailer has OGF url down the sides, black Silverado Z71 crew pullin it.

  17. Will you be out on the main lake or do you head back up twords the ranger station after putting in at the campground ramps??? There's another speed zone over there - but that's quite a hike through the no wake zone to get there from the dam.

    We usually set up an ez up tent between the morning glory ramp and the dam - on that beach area and anchor the (don't kill me) jet ski's there - and picnic all day. My father in law's got a gray one and a maroon one (yammies) and my 2 buddies have red ski-do's. We'll prolly be there saturday afternoon and maybe sunday morning..........

    If you see us, stop by and say HI - or at least cruise by real slow and if I recognize your boat I'll yell at cha!
  18. Ok shakedown! i didn't see you - and I looked too! I fished up near the stone house till about 1:30pm saturday with my father in law. As much as I hate to admit it - we fished for crappie 90% of the time! I did catch a nice bass the short time we bass fished though.

    he likes crappie fishing and I got stuck taking him out with me on saturday - we did take a mess of them back to the camper with us and fried them up saturday night! they were GOOOD!!!!!

    How did you do????
  19. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    We put the hurt on the eyes and crappie...we never had to go past the first ski zone just outside of the camper's ramp/beach. For 3 days, we found em in the same spot...secondary point inside a cove, either on a flat or just on the drop off. Jiggin lead tipped with minnows RIGHT on the bottom. Once we started poppin eyes, I switched to a casting spoon tipped with a minnow and we got into em faster. Finding the bigger crappie took some time, but the ones we found were in 12-14 FOW about a foot off the bottom.
  20. Shakedown,

    Sorry I missed you this weekend. I saw you leave the ramp on Saturday morning as we were fishing. We were catching fish as quick as we could drop a line and I saw you pull in with your rig and the next time I turned around you were heading out. Hope you caught lots of fish. We caught a stringer of Crappies just from the dock, all were 9"+ with one about 13". My son caught a 3# bass and a channel and my daughter caught several crappies and a ton of bluegill. So many we lost count. All in all a great weekend.