Salt Fork Ice

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  1. Can you still get a boat in at Salt Fork? Thanks for any info
  2. Just got back from a little scouting mission from out there. Most of the lake is frozen over with .75 to about 1.25 inches of ice, but with the warmer temps and rain, the ice along the shorelines was melting quickly. There was a small patch of open water around the dam, and there were 2 boats out there fishing. Those guys had rammed themselves a small channel through the ice to get out there, but they said they hadn't caught a thing all day. Cabin bay and its launch ramp were still frozen in as of this afternoon, but the warm temps tomorrow could change all that.

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    I was out there today and it was beautiful, nice gentle rain some soft lightning bolts. There was ice but we made our way around it although a couple of the others were plowing through it. The cabin road has a road closed sign which I found out the hard way and I am not lucky enough to chance going around the sign, I'd be the guy getting the ticket. But it was iced up in there as verified in previous post. Now for the fishing report.......................................................not even a sniff but I got real wet:)
    The lake seems to be at full pool, use the Morning Glory ramp!
  4. What a difference a day makes. I stuck to the main lake area today mostly (by the dam, cabin bay, up to the kimbolton ramp) and the ice was completely gone. Well, in those areas at least. I'm not sure what the upper ends of the forks looked like today. Anyways, I talked to several guys out there who were still ripping blade baits for saugeye, and they hadn't had any luck. Neither did I. Marked some nice arcs in the creek channels and a few big arcs under schools of bait, but I only managed to catch one small channel cat. Ah well!
  5. There were 13 trailers at Morning Glory yesterday around 1PM, but only 1 today. I didn't get any fishing reports though..........lake is high.... shallower parts are muddy...