Salt Fork gates open for draw down

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  1. On Tuesday this week at 11:30 I was standing over the 12' culvert of the spillway on the Wills Creek of the interstate 77 looking at the shallow water and all of the rocks at the bottom when a 1+1/2 foot wave of muddy water came through the culvert - they had just cracked open the water gate in Salt Fork. I got in my car and ran up to the dam where I seen several state trucks and men across the spillway. They were up on the cement morning glory at the gate valve as I had thought. Next I ran over to the dam boat launch and painted with white paint where the water level was at the time they started the draw down.
    To my disapointment, they only cracked open the spillway gate which will be a slow draw down of the lake and the spillway creek going into Wills Creek will not have enough water going down it to be good fishing. The water level in the creek only raised by less that 2 foot. I was thinking we would really see some high water in the spillway creek.
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  3. well as i was out that way this past weekend to get married me and my new wife drove past the lake and it was very low compaired to what it is any other time we went to my mothers so i dont expect to be much of a draw down....