Salt Fork Crappies

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  1. Tonight is my last night to work this week and will be going after some Crappie at Salt Fork. Has anyone been trying em out there? My father has been doing pretty good on the blacks using jigheads with minnows in about 10-12 fow. He brought home 14 over 9in.Sunday.With the weather cooling down this week I hope they will turn on some. It has been a while since I had a mess of Crappies in the fryer.
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    Tiny Tim,

    I fished Salt Fork on 9/6/07 and 9/7/07 for CRAPPIES and had very little luck. I was fishing in 18-20' of water and they were suspended between 12-15' but due to the HOT weather and the high winds it was very difficult fishing. They were bitting very light and with the high winds it was extremely difficult to set the hook.

    I would imagine as the temperature drops the fishing will improve.

  3. Thanks BABS!!! We have one spot that there are always some black ones on that are good eaters but other than that it pretty much stinks.
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    Hey Tiny
    I wasn't at Saltfork but did quite well at Tappan over the week-end. I was fishing about 5-6ft in 12 ft of water off some brush and had a great time both Sat & Sun. The cool nights are going to really help this week. The EBCC will be having an event at Peidmont this Sat the 15th and I think we will be seeing some great catches.