Salt Fork 11-15

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BrianSipe17, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. BrianSipe17

    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    We tried the bite in the rain on Saturday... searching for crappie. Well, before we launched I hooked myself with a Vib-e, then when my motor started, I only had one cylinder. Not a good start!

    We never found a consistent bite. We picked up a few here and there, about 25 keepers total. Boy was is cold on the way back in, with the 20-30 mph winds and water splashing in our faces. That was the choppiest I have seen salt Fork.
  2. When that wind blows up over that dam, it can get nasty trying to get back to the Morning Glory Ramp. I may try it tommorrow if the wind is not blowing too bad. Good you got some fish.

  3. BrianSipe17

    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    When we were fishing one of the bays close to Morning Glory, I was trying to swing the boat around with just my electric motor... HA, that was a joke. It wouldn't even budge with that wind.