Salt Creek

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  1. I fished Salt Creek for the first time this weekend, what a good looking stream. We did OK, with 8-10 smallies caught between myself and a friend. I don't hear much about this stream on OGF and was wondering if anyone has had good days there. Saw some really deep holes that looked great for cats and I think I may have seen a muskie attack some shad.
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    There just might be a reason you don't hear too much about it! ;)
    I basically grew up fishing that creek. I dont live down there but we have some land down there thats been in the family for 35 years. I sware a state record Rockbass is there.

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    h2o,did you go to school at logan elm?
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    no, I went to Fairborn about 2 1/2 hours away. lol
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    I grew up fishing Salt Creek as well. I grew up very close. One road over from Narrows Rd. I love them rockbass in there!

    jeffmo, I went to Logan Elm - '83.
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    I crusied Narros Rd a few weeks ago. It looks a lot different now, POSTED sign everywhere. I miss the good ole days! I also saw where it looked like the old game reserve was out of business and up for sale.
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    I haven't been that far down Narrows in a while. I know the last time I went by, that high fence looked like hell.

    We used to run all around that place - in fact "practice hill" was there behind the fence. There was a small pond back in there too. Fished, swam, camped 4x4'ed all around that area in the mid 80s. Just down on the corner we used to have a rope in the tree for swimming. A lot of youth spent on up the road too - around 56 and Narrows. Ahhhhh - the good ole days!!
  8. where is this Salt Creek?
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    The part I'm most familar with runs through Hocking/Vinton counties - along 56 and Narrows Road.