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  1. Hey guys,

    im new to this forum so im hoping for some help. im also new to fly fishing. im very interested in catching salmon/steelhead in the ohio rivers. My question is: can anyone tell me when the Salmon start to run or when the steelhead enter the rivers in ohio ( also which rivers seem to payout the best). Im going on a fishing trip to northern michigan in a couple of weeks for their salmon run, and i was wondering if its comparable at all to ohio. if anyone can help me or help point me in the direction of answers i would appreicate it.

    -the new guy
  2. Ohio doesn't get a Salmon run since they quit stocking them over 20 years ago. We do get a handful of strays but hardly worth targeting in those numbers. You can find one here or there (usually coho) on gravel in the fall. Anymore.. the steelhead don't start running in good numbers until Nov. (manistee spring run strain steelie). The last real good fall run I remember was in 2001. Get your fill of Salmon on your MI trip.

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    Baby Blue is right. Salmon are few and far between. The Rocky River, Grand, Conneuat Creek and the Astabula are a few of the tribs I like to fish for steelies.
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    Baby Blue really hit it on the head. I always liked the Londun Strain better because the fall run was so much fun. Hitting those Steelhead in Sept was so great. But the Manistee run for most is a spring run. But they are in the river pretty good by Nov. And they did stop the Coho stocking in the Huron River at least 20yrs ago. They blew up the dam 5yrs ago. If you need specific information pm me, I have fished a ton for Steelies in Northern Ohio. I would recommend the Vermilion or Chagrin, and nothing west of the Huron...which has some but it isn't stocked like the others.
  5. I have caught fish from mid sept untill memorial day. I had some of the best days last year around mid october. The runs come in batches, in combinations of cool weather and rain. Target the first couple of miles of streams first until time and rain pushes more up. The grand was great to us last year, so much that I skipped the trip to PA often to fish my backyard.