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  1. My Uncle took me to the Salmon River for the first time. I had the time of my life caught one that was 41" 26 lbs. This fish put on a fight that I will never forget

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  2. I'm glad you had a good time, but its even better when the water conditions are normal.

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    Agreed can be better but this year i had more fish in front of me then the last 4-5 despite low water
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    nice fish, Brian!
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    I was there last week. We fished two-way mainly, down from the Portly Angler. We each took our limits fairly easy. I nailed a 25 lb hog, which was my biggest fish ever. My buddy took a couple steelies, plus a sucker. We saw another guy (from London) catch a nice 12 lb or so steelie.

    The sad thing there is the crazy amount of strip and rip anglers foul hooking fish. I saw no one get busted. I think the wildlife officers are way too lenient.