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  1. I'd like to try salmon fishing:B , but know absolutely nothing about it! I know some of you head up to Lake Ontario. For a newbie, should I book a charter the first time? If so, any referrals on who you've used? What kind of gear do I need? What time of year is best? What are water conditons like? I have a 1750 Tyee, is that enough boat? How far out do you catch them? Wow....I guess I had more questions than I thought! Any info is appreciated! Thanks guys!

  2. I think the Salmon are still running in the rivers you might want to give that a try befor you charter a boat, their is nothing like catching a 25lb king in the river. I would try the Salmon river in NY. You will need waders you can buy your bait up there. Also a very good reel they will run your drag like nothing.

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    I fished there before.the lakes very deep and it is not easy get your plug ( spoon works best ) down to where they need 300 yards line if you got to far out.Now to another thing.I had go in spring and fall as then they came in to shallower water.and was easy to get to them.Got tell you this they are not fit to eat.Sport fishing for them all they good for.Man do they fight.Well hope I gave you a starter.
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    Not sure where you're located but the Salmon fishing is starting to pickup again on the southern end of lake Michigan. It's closer and you really don't have to go very far out to hit fish. Downriggers are definately in order to get to the correct depths. I would definately take a charter the first time out...if you've never fished for Salmon, theres some basic things you need to know and an experienced charter captain can teach you a lot in a days time. Just let him/her know you're there more for the learning experience.
    There is also some good books out there that can help you get started in learning some of the techniques you'll need.
    The fishing starts to pickup in May and June on lake Michigan. Lake Ontario seems to have larger fish with the fishing getting better in the warmer months, June- August.

    BTW...Salmon is a very tasty fish IMO...!
  5. HOOK AND BOOK is right on the money. The ST.Joseph River in IND. would be the nearest location from Cin area. Broadlow's 1 269 982 3474 would be a good source of information. Good luck!
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    Where are they putting in at right now? I would like to make it out there in the next week or so. Is everything open?
  7. promisekeeper,
    I go to lake ontario at least twice a year, usually in the fall.
    With your size boat lake ontario is definately doable, fish are usually in closer to shore (within 3 miles) out of Olcott New York in mid-late may in the spring and by august in the fall. Fish come in close to the pier heads at the end of september and the first couple weeks of October. I actually go up some weekends in sept.-oct. just to cast spoons off the piers for them. Downriggers are a definate help for trolling but dipsey's, lead-core, and drop weights all catch fish.
    I use diawa 27's and 47's with 40-50lb power-pro on the 27's and 20lb mono on the 47's. Rods are standard trolling rods for dipsey's or downriggers.
    Spoons, j-plugs, flashers and flies all catch fish while trolling.
    firetiger, dolphins, kevorkian, monkey puke, watermelon, frog, are good places to start
    silver bullet, cut plug, green glow army truck are all standards
    flashers and flies-
    white glow, mountain dew, chartreause flashers work well with flies
    almost any green flies catch fish, purple, clear patterns all work well
    there are many others but all these are good starters.
    For some real fun go up in sept- oct. and cast spoons or stick-baits off the piers for them
    2/5- 3/4 oz little cleos 1/2-3/4oz ko-wobblers will catch fish right off the piers. a good medium action spinning reel with a medium action rod works best for this. I use an 8ft or better rod. Usually 10 lb mono for me, but most of the locals use braid.
    lots more info if you have any questions send me a message here and I'll get back to ya.
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    I think you might have misinterpreted. The fishing is picking up because there was some sort of virus which had killed a large portion of the salmon population a few years back.
    The fishing on the lake won't start to pickup until the April/May time frame. As was stated in another post...guys do fish the St Joe river for early spring Steelhead with good success or even the pier where the St. Joe dumps onto the main lake at Benton harbor./St. Joe.
    Sorry for the late response.