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Salmon fishing

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by kbacon3231, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. I will be going up to michigan on the 11th and was wanting to know if that is way to early for the salmon run. The guy im going with has been there the last few years but never this early. He has always done good but later in the year. we will be fishing Pere Marquette river and the Ludington area. Also i dont that most of my rods are strong enough for these kinds of fish. Most are medium action spinning outfits except for one med. heavy baitcaster i have. :confused:
  2. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    By run, are you talking the rivers...??? They don't usually start to school up for the spawn until later in Sept. before they run up the rivers.
    Try this link and check the reports or simply ask the question. You should get some good info.

  3. 1 week of oct , mid run
  4. BlueBoat98

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    Looking at that website it seems a lot like the Salmon/Steelhead/Brown Trout fishing that I have done on Lake Ontario. It's definitely too early for the fish to be up in the streams. It's a trolling bite offshore from the mouths of the rivers.

    We use 8 - 8 1/2 foot heavy trolling rods with leadcore, dipsy divers and downriggers pulling plugs, spoons and meat on a couple hundred yards of 20 to 30# test line. You need every bit of that capacity. Ask yourself if you can land a 20+ pound fish that pulls like a freight train on your medium action tackle. The first King Salmon I ever caught was 23 pounds and I never felt anything like it. One third to one half of those fish get away even with the proper equipment. It's a great experience but you have to have the right stuff or you'll just be frustrated.

    Good luck.


  5. Well that at first glance that can be a lil to early. they need for the lake to turn over. I have caught a few kings that early but thats still in 25-45 fow, and MI is a tough road to hoe if your going. You med action rods will be pu to the test "not a good idea".
  6. I moved to Cincy last fall from Michigan. I was usually too busy in the fall to do the salmon runs (in the good rivers at least), but my buddies did. If you're wanting to do river fishing, mid-September will be the earlier runs up north, depending on temperature and rain. (A big rain in September/October usually brings more fish into the river.)

    BUT don't think you need a heavier rod. Most guys go lighter-- not heavier--for river salmon in Michigan. (For trolling the big lake you need to be heavy, though.) I used a 10 foot "Noodle Rod": a long light action rod (mine was just a Gander Mountain brand). That lets you use lighter (less visible) line (like 10-12 lb) to improve your number of hits in shallow water, and the flexible rod absorbs the shocks of the fish. I landed 20 pound Kings in current on that light action rod with 8-10 pound test.

    Most river guys will be using long, light rods. But if you don't have the coin to buy a new rod, you could cast heavier spoons with your baitcaster and be okay, but it'd rule out some lighter tackle and finesse presentations.

    Good luck. I'm gonna miss Michigan in the fall!
  7. Spoke with a friend of mine yesterday and he had just returned from a Michigan charter trip, He said the King fishing was great with his best being a 24 pounder.