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Salmon Fishing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishin' Coach, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Fishin' Coach

    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    For the past three years I've been traveling to the manistee river mi salmon fishing. Problem is the people I go with use less than desirable tactics to catch their fish. "herk and jerk" retrive at the pools beside tippy dam. They usually catch 4-5 in the rear to every one inm the mouth. Can anyone teach me an effective way to actually catch them... and is there anywhere you can send me on the manistee near wellston where I can fish without the combat fishing that takes place beside the dam. I am willing to walk.
    Please reform a an old snagger' otherwise I won't go this year.
    Any and all replies greatly appericated.

  2. Go to the Pere Marquette which is a little ways south of the Manistee. There is a really big fly only area and there is no dam anywhere on the river so they dont bunch up, the fish or the fisherman that is. There are plenty of good spots to fish. There is a campground and several public access points by Baldwin. Check out It is a great steelhead river also. I have used spoons and in line spinners and spawn bags and done well and have done good with flies in the fly zone. I dont use a fly rod just a spinning rod with a fly and a few slpit shot. Green or orange streamers always work good for me or glow yarn. Some people set up tight lines and do good also. That is just tossing out a line with a heavy weight on it and a trebble hook above the weight and let the fish run into it. It is an awsome river, it does get crowded but not like fishing at the dams around the state.

  3. Hey Coach, I know what you mean when you say "reformed snagger", but when I used to do it on the Chagrin, it was legal.

    I've fished the Peir Marquette before and let me tell ya....the method really isn't all that different.

    First you need some GOOD polarized sun glasses, I use double polarized, meaning they are coated on the inside or back of the lens as well as the front...blocks relective light (glare). Then it's really quite a simple matter of hunting down a fish. Right now the females are building nests, a male will guard the nest, so all you have to do is drift an egg sucking leech (I like purple with a red egg) on to the nest. The male will pick it up to move it off the nest and all you have to do is set the hook and hang on.

    I know I've over simplified the technique and sometimes you have to use different presentations, but that's how we do it on the P.M. I've never fished the Manistee, but as long as you can find'll find the fish.
  4. Yeah,there's a lot of illegal tactics going on up there,being non-residents,your friends are really asking for trouble if they get caught.The salmon on the Manistee are fairly easy to catch if you have the patience.My two favorite techniques are as the previous guy said egg sucking leech flies drifted over a redd(purple is my favorite color also),my favorite method is to fish way downriver from the dam where it's not so crowded,put a fresh chunk of skein on a hook and fish it below a bobber.Add just enough weight to keep it an inch or two off the bottom.Cast this rig upstream and let it drift right over the redds you spotted fish on-DEADLY!