salmon fishing tips?

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  1. whats up everyone...

    my roommate here asked me if i wanted to go salmon fishing in a couple weeks with him and some of his buddies.
    i agreed to tag along but the problem is i have never caught or attempted to catch salmon. this being my first year fishing i still have a ton to learn.

    so i was wondering how i should approach this "salmon fishing" anyone wanna share some techniques or what kind of bait i should use.

    i do have a good understanding of catching catfish, bass, trout, crappie, and a good handful of other pan fish.

    any tips would be appreciated.
  2. If your roommates are fishing for salmon in central oh I would pass on that invite ;). You'll find some folks talking salmon in the "Out Of State" forum. Good luck, sounds fun!

  3. well it's not going to be in central ohio, it is going to be somewhere up north.
  4. Are you guys going up in North East OH, I use spoons, jigs and magots, flys, roosters. The spoons I use 3 main colors blue, pink,silver.
  5. i really don't know where he's going to be taking me but all i know is that i need to out fish him lol
  6. Good buddies can do that to ya. Been there...done that.

    True salmon are in Lake Michigan, maybe eastern Lake Erie and Lake Ontario (New York state).

    Find out the area and waters you are going to fish.

    Someone might be able to help you then.

    btw........just landing a true salmon is awesome.

    Best of luck.
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    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    I will be in Pulaski, NY next week for my annual trip. I would suggest fly fishing. There are guys using spinning gear, but they seem to have less success if they are fair hooking them.

    The thing about spawning Salmon is they are typically more interested in making babies than eating. You really need to be able to sight fish. When you see one parked, they will face the current. To hook one legally, you need to be accurate in casting your fly so it essentially drifts into their mouth. We use flies or a hook, like a #4 mustad with a rubber salmon egg on it. There is no experience like hooking into a 20 lb salmon while wading.

    Another highly successful technique is to employ a guide for a drift boat trip. They row against the current (called back trolling). In doing this, they use bait casters with plugs. The boat slowly moves the plugs with the current and it causes the salmon to back up, then they get pissed off and strike the plug. It is legal, although they are not biting the plug to feed.

    Check my photo gallery if you want to see some of my pics from the past couple trips. I am the good looking guy on the left in this pic, lol. Have fun!!!

  8. ajangsta04, check your PM,s
  9. thanks a bunch to everyone hopefully i'll remember all those tips and suggestions.

    hopefully the weather will cooperate then and make it real enjoyable.
  10. one quick question about salmon fishing before i head up to Mentor next weekend.

    aside from a fly rod and reel. what kind of rod, reel, and what kind of line (lbs) should i be using.

    for salmons, do u cast and leave it out there or is it cast and retrieve?
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    There are a few posts on salmon fishing MI & NY at the link below
    You will have a good trip .. I just returned from the salmon river and the salmon are running later then normal everywhere because of warmer fall temps. I would suggest being prepaired to the 9's if you want to out do your buddy. A 9-11Ft Salmon rod (ugly sticks are the cheapest) on a quality spinning reel. I wouldnt suggest using a reel under $70 for salmon because KINGS are heavy wieghts and can knock you out with one punch. Make sure the spool is large enough to hold at least 15lb line. I would go with 15-20lb main line and a 12-15lb florocarbon leader. In most cases you wont be casting but rather drifting or swinging your offering to the fish across current and quartering back in. Basically flipping, letting the current carry the bait down stream. A long rod with a counterwieghted butt section will give you some tip lift and make the rod ballance easier. You have to feel and watch your line all the time.

    Watch other people that are hooking up in detail exactly what they are doing and then git r done!! Good Luck:B
  12. one more last quick question....does anybody know the bag limit? i've heard 3 different answers and i don't really want to cause a problem.

    i am assuming they are steelheads or coho's i have no clue.
  13. NewbreedFishing

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    If your going to NY there will be both King, Coho and should be plenty of metal behind them. Lakers and Browns will also be foraging on salmon eggs.

    The coho's should be thinning out. They tend to run alot earlier.

    If you have any questions just PM
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    Here is a link, if you are going to be fishing in New York.

    Scroll down to 'General Fishing Regulations', or wherever you will be fishing.
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  15. so i got back from my trip and turns out we were targeting steelheads at CHAGRIN.

    we went from 10am to about 6-7pm and caught my first steelhead there. 2 of them got away.

    i had a blast fighting the rain and cold weather. they mostly hit on small spoons and flies. Definitley will go back there when i get another chance.

    on another note.....i won the bet so free dinner for me lol
    thanks to everyone and their pointers/tips

    much appreciated