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  1. Leaving for NY on Monday and skein has been hard to come by (as in I haven't found an ounce). Anyone able to help out? Looking for whole skeins either fresh or frozen. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Are you looking for fresh skein to fish with?? Depending on where you're headed, several ports in NY have fish cleaning stations. Sometimes you can score some eggs by begging or offering to buy from the private or charter guys coming in off the lake.

    There are some companies out of Ontario that will ship fresh eggs for sale.

    Are you a steelhead fisherman?? Salmon will eat trout roe just as readily. I've caught salmon on steelhead skein lots of times in the past.

  3. Decoy hound

    Decoy hound Supporting Member

    Most all tackle shop along Lake Ontario sell eggs. ASB in Newfane, Slippery Sinker in Olcott, Narby's in Oak Orchard.
  4. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the advice. I'd really like to cure my own and get it ready before heading up. In the past, it's been tough to get it up there because it's in such high demand or the cleaning station or Captain already have an agreement with someone.

    If you or anyone else can hook us up, we always have fresh eggs to bring home with us, so I'm not looking for something for nothing. Definitely willing to trade eggs for eggs...
  5. Decoy hound

    Decoy hound Supporting Member

    Yes they are in high demand, sorry but all mine have been spoken for. But I'll ask a buddy who fishing Ontario now.
  6. Thanks Decoy, appreciate it. Like I said, I can help you out for the winter steelie season when I get back.
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