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Salem Reservoir

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mbass8dor, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. I Went To Salem Reservoir Fri. And Sat.
    Fri. Managed 4 Small Bass Conditions: Windy Water: Stained
    Sat. Managed 6 Bass 2- 15" The Others 14'' Also Caught A 17" Walleye. Conditions: Sunny Light Wind Water: Stained Bass Were Shallow, Walleye Caught Off Deep Weedline.
  2. "J"


    Man should of went to the reservoir, went down to Pike Island fished all day and nothing to show for it, what do they want for a boat rental down there?

  3. "j"
    I Believe The Boat, Motor And Battery Are $ 6.00 An Hour.
    But You Can Phone Salem Reservoir At [330] 222-2609 To Get Info.

  4. You can rent a row boat with oars and an anchor for $2.00 an hour at Salem Reservoir. The motor and battery run an additional $4.00 an hour if you want 'em.