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Salem Reservoir

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mbass8dor, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. I Had A Great Time Fishing With Triton Bill
    Our Day Started At 11am- 3:20 P.m. Triton Scored
    First 4 Bass 13"-14.5" My Turn 1-15" Bass, Triton
    Scores Again, My Turn 20.5" Walleye. Lost A Few
    It Was A Slow Day, But Very Enjoyable Nice And Cool
    After Dropping Bill Off, I Went Back Out At 4:00 P.m.
    Finally Caught A 15" Bass On Top-water At 5:25 P.m.
    Rod Bends With An 18" 2#8 Bass, Next Cast 15" Bass
    7:07 P.m. Another 18" 2#13. While Going Into Hang It
    Up For The Day, Hung Into Another Walleye A
    Little Smaller Than The First But He Came Off At
    The Boat. Can't Wait For Sunday.
  2. Tom,

    Had a fun time fishing with you also. Sorry I had to cut the day short at 3 or so but had things I needed to get done! Glad the fish finally started cooperating for you! Hey you forgot about my last fish over by the reeds near the ramp :)

    Take care bud!

    Here is a picture of the nice walleye Tom caught.


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