Salem Reservoir 6-9-2007

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  1. Hello all
    Well just returned home From Salem Reservoir, It was nice meeting You lefthand retrieve! You should of stuck around a little longer lol! Well I arrived at around 10:55 am. and fished until 8:35 pm. The storms shut down the fishing a bit, But I managed 2 keepers and 1 nice keeper at that! A 23" 6# 3 oz. and a 15" largemouth both released after pics.! Weedbeds are on the surface, Active fish can be caught outside and inside those weedbeds. Just try different lures and be patient, The bass seem to prefer the afternoon bite?

    conditions: sunny 70's windy
    Water: cooler and stained

    Good fishing always

  2. Thanks Buddy
    That bass had spawned out, Can You imagin how much she would of weighed earlier? Another note about that bass, Not another hook mark on her! Guess it was one that I missed lol!

  3. Tom, you are to the Salem bass what LureDaddy is to the toothy ones at WB. Good job as usual.
  4. Procraftboats21

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    salem is an easy lake to have fun on..deep weed lines also some flippin' wood at the far end

    i love it out there
  5. Steve and Austin
    Those storms really cooled down the water, Only caught 6 bass today! 2- keepers 16" and 18". Salem is a great place to fish! I guess they're going to start making improvements? I hope they mean it this time? But Like Austin says, The bass are there and the weeds are very thick this year? Any lure will work on this lake, And some nice Crappies and perch were caught by anglers using live bait? It's nice meeting OGF members and old friends there.

    Good fishing always

  6. Procraftboats21

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    true weed beds out there.. no lie they grow in over 15 FOW.. gin clear too

    what improvements are they talking about?
  7. Austin

    They said that they were considering moving the private
    boat stakes to where the rentals are now, build some kind of wall
    to stop the erosion! I've asked him about fixing the ramp and
    stocking, But I haven't recieved an answer to that? Of course
    we've heard these promises before, But nothing seems to get
    done! I'll keep everyone posted as to any improvements made
    or not made?