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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by e-dub, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Dicks is having a clearence sale. The ones that I have been to have bins of pick and mix plastic worms, baits and lures. Look for the ones that are marked down to 97 cents because they are 25% of of that. Real cheap. I filled up my tackle box for like 10 bucks.
  2. Yes They Are, I Was Up There Monday And Picked Up A Crossbow Hard Case For 49.95 A Real Good Deal Everybody Else Are Asking 100.00 Dollars For Them .

  3. DaleM

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    Sounds like they are trying to get business. I know I have been totally disappointed in Dicks since day 1! I hope they get better soon or they may be out of here.
  4. I have never been to one and really have no desire to go there based on a lot of the info from other users here.
  5. When it was Galyans (speaking of the Easton store) it was a decent store for fishing gear. It declined in the last year or so that it was still under the Galyans name. Since changing over to Dick's, the fishing department has gotten even worse. I went there last night (to get some golf balls for my son). A quick trip through the fishing tackle section confirmed my thoughts that I won't be visiting there any time soon for fishing gear. JMO.

  6. I couldn't agree more Tim. I was at the Sawmill store about a week ago looking for some odds & ends and couldn't believe how they consolidated all the fishing tackle into just a few aisles. I can honestly say you'll get a better selection at Kmart or WalMart now. I grabbed one of those customer satisfaction surveys on the way out and it basically says to go visit their website if you have a complaint.
    See ya' Dick's :S !!
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    Dick's is awful. So is Gander right now. The only place to find any half way decent stuff in Columbus is Wal Mart.
  8. i some times go to dicks forget walmart no one there that knows anything about fishing
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    i picked up an allstar rod at dicks yesterday for $60.. dirt cheap in my book and still a good selection (easton store)
  10. they had them where i live for $99 just the rod only of the all star
  11. I was at Dicks is W. Hills (Cincinnati) over the weekend, and they had their clearance baits buy one get two free. Picked up three packs of Yamamoto Senkos for 3.97. Also had a bunch of Gulp Baits and Fin-S (sluggos) baits on clearance buy one get two free. Their Yozuri's were on sale for 1.98 as well. I really like their topwater baits and pins minnows, so I picked up some of those. The Yozuri bin was a little light though, so there might not be much left.