Saginaw Bay

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  1. I hear they are slaying the walleye up there, going out today and will report what happens
  2. Are those Michigan walleye different from our Maumee river warreye?? Good luck today!!

  3. hiddenlake ---
    Looking forward to your report. I have fished Saginaw Bay many times in the past.
    Think I may need to get up that way very soon.

    Point Look Out
    Au Gres
    Bay Port
  4. I was wanting to try that place this winter but because of the hit and miss weather this year I dont think I will make it up there when there is still ice. Seen some videos of ice fishing saginaw river on youtube.
  5. I did some ice fishing up there last year near bay city on the saginaw river. It is pretty good fishing. I caught 4 in about an hour. My girlfriends parents live up that way and love to go there for christmas though I didn't go out this year.
  6. The ice is finally stabilized (according to my bud that lives up there). They are running out 8 miles to fish. Limits are coming...
  7. Ice was 12'' to 18'' wherever we fished today, caught 3 and lost 3. Caught a 5 pounder and it was great to see him thru the hole. Bought the new veiw finder for this trip and we must have seen 30 walleye on the screen, saw a huge catfish and what I think was a whitefish swim by. Wasn't a great day fish wise but was good to be out on safe ice. Must have been 500 people that went out at Linwood st. Was getting ready to move to a new spot and a snow mobile pulled up and it was the DNR, asked a bunch of questions and of course to see our licsence. All was good, cant believe he came out 4.5 miles. One local told me it's still slow, he said come back in 3 weeks when their near shore, I thought to myself, I'll be in the MIGHTY MAUMEE by then, lol. Would recommend going up there for some fish, we caught them on the clown stinger spoon and the medium size swedish pimple. Good luck if anyone goes and let us know how you do.

  8. Sounds like you had a good time, even though the fish didn’t bite as well as to be expected. When I read your post, I thought for sure you would get into some great fishing. Looks like you missed the bit by a few weeks, don’t know about you but for me that is the story of my life, you should have been here last week, wait till next week and so on.

    Good luck on the river, it wont be long.

    Hidden Lake--BFG Thanks for the info.
  9. When you use a swedish pimple do you top it with anything or just jig it bare ?
  10. Fishing was good for my buddy over the weekend. 12 fow. They were also checked by the DNR all three days. Jiggin' rap (blue/white) with minnow heads worked well. Tony told me that he appreciated that I posted the fishing was he counted trucks from 4 different states in the lot on Saturday...:D

    His brother caught a 10.75# piggy on Saturday...

    Oh..and the whitefish can be caught on single waxies on a dropper tied to the center of a Genz worm (glow preferable). That's a rig that was shown to me by my buddy CMFish51 last year for panfish...and Tony said it also works well for the whitefish.

    I'd like to get up there and fish, but the run here is only a few weeks away.
  11. Fished sat, sun, and mon there was 5 of us we caught about 18 eyes it was really slow we just could not figure out how to get them going. Anybody have any special techniques? it would really help us out.
  12. was told to slam the bottom a couple times then let it sit on the bottom
  13. Agreed on what Hiddenlake said...bang bang plop...

    Many guys on a michigan site are reporting watching walleyes suck their jiggin' spoons out of the mud...

    Tough bite is right...
  14. Thanks for the info we are going back next weekend i will try that. One of the local guys told me to keep my bait moving and thats how we caught all of our fish.
  15. leadcorebean

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    just got back and got 19 eyes in the last hour of daylight.. didnt mark more than 10 fish all day and then moved and found a nice group.. they were being picky at first and then slammed them.. good ice everywhere we went and gave the arms a good workout..also seen a gar pike under my hole and this guy was huge but no hungry..
  16. How far did you go out to catch them? When we were up there we caught are fish in 14-18 ft. What were you using and any special jigging technique?
  17. anybody heard any reports up on the bay?
  18. the fishing was excellent on Saginaw Bay over the weekend. 16 feet of water. A lot of different lures. We went out of Linwood rd about 4 miles. When the sun started to set we could hardly keep our lines in the water. I have never lost so many fish in my life but we also caught a lot. We all were losing them for whatever reason but we limited out so no biggie. Definently worth the trip.
  19. thanks for the report jiggineye, there is 4 of us going up there this weekend I will post a report when we get back.