Saginaw Bay

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  1. Since the big lake is not cooperating we have a group headed up to ice fish Saginaw Bay this weekend. I will post on Tuesday how we did.
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    I heard some Guys from Cranberry Creek where there this week. 10"-12" of ice ! No reports of fish ? Sorry !

  3. Before you go check out a ton of info there. Be careful I got a secondhand report today of guys haveing to "run the crack" for better than 3 miles to get in last night. The ice there is as, if not more volitile than Erie.
  4. I have a friend that fishes Sag Bay all the time..and I've talked to him twice this week.

    The ice near shore is just fine. They were 5.5 miles out over the weekend, but then that water opened up on them. Wednesday evening they found themselves looking at an 8' crack on their way back. They had to run 4 miles to the north to get around it.

    Tony said..."don't come this weekend bro...the fishing hasn't been all that great, and for sure the ice is sketchy at best..." I trust what he says....and that ice moves A LOT more than the ice on mother any south or west wind will shove it out the top of the bay into Lake Huron...

    He also said that there are a TON of slush pockets to go around, and that there is 10" of snow on top of the ice. Not to mention the mountains of ice piled up to navigate as well. He was fishing yesterday afternoon on the shorr-side of the big crack, and they hadn't caught anything in 2 hours.

    I'm not trying to tell you not to go...I'm just saying IF you not go alone...and take your ramps...and just be aware that the ice is questionable in spots offshore.

    He also said there were 2-wheel drive quads stuck everywhere....and several snowmobiles stuck in slush puddles as well.