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Hey everyone,

I became a boat owner last year and have been on the lake a few times. I have went over the rule books a lot and have been out with my grandfather quit a bit when I was younger. I make sure I have proper vests on the boat along with flares, toolbox, extinguisher etc....

I just read the thread about the boat sinking and it really got me thinking about how safe I want to be.

I have a marine radio in the boat but have only really tested it a few times. I don't really turn it on when I'm out. I know it's set on one of the standard channels for calling out and know how to use it but thought I would post up here to get some info from you guys. It seems like some people are on some channels while others are on other channels? anyone care to break those down for me?

I'm also thinking about getting a GPS unit. I'm thinking about possibly getting a portable though for hiking and mountain biking. Anyone else using these?

I guess what i'm asking is to post up a list of safety equipment on your boat. I'd like to be as safe as possible and be there for other people who may need help in surrounding areas.


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