Sad state of America.

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    So after today's events it got me thinking.


    My wife was headed to work this morning and was involved in a head on crash that was not her fault. Her car was on the road and at the bottom of a hill while the other vehicle went off the road. She exited the vehicle and moved away down the road to keep from geting hit again on the driver side.

    Now 7 to 10 cars drove around her before someone stoped and asked if she was ok and if they could call 911.
    This is what the vehicle looked like that they drove around. 2014 escape limited. I could give a crap about the car. She walked away. We heard the lady that hit her was in bad shape and had internal bleading.

    After we were back from the hospital and I got her settled in we heard a loud sound on the road in front of our house. As I was walking down the drive I could see cars going slow and then going up the road. We had a crash in front of our house. Kid that was driving went in the ditch and then hit the apron and fliped end over end.

    At least 10 to 15 cars drove by before someone stoped. By the time I got to the road someone had them in their car.


    This is what the drove by.

    I just dont understand. Why not help someone in need? Your covered under good Samaritan laws. Make sure your out of danger before you help.

    I even stoped to help a dad stuck in the end of his driveway with kids in the car. Just gave him a little push on the way to ice fishing. But both these were bad crashes.

    I guess it's been a long day and I can't comprehend it at this point.

    On a side note it's almost 2 years to the day that almost the exact same crash happened to me as happened to my wife today. Snowy road, we were being carefull, left early, on the way to work, watch the oncoming truck starts to fishtail then shoot across to hit head on. Both were mid size Suv's one Honda and one ford. We both walked away with similar injuries. She is going to be sore tommrow.


    That ford was the replacement for the honda.
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  2. If it doesnt affect me its not my problem. There’s a lot of that attitude around. Human life is not too valuable. Watch some accidents in houston. People dont move over for the ambulance.
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    fastwater "My grace is sufficient for you"

    Sadly, the title of this thread says it all.
    Thankful your wife is ok!
    Prayers to the injured lady.
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    fishingful Time to fish!

    That's what I am feeling.

    People don't care about people.

    In my job I create experiences for people that enhances their lives. Makes them better, explores new things and creates memories. I don't do it for the money because I don't get paid as much as I could be making doing something I hate to go to every day.

    I was making good money at a job before my accident. That event made me revaluate what was important to me. But now I do what I love. I GET to go to work not HAVE to go.

    Taking a few seconds to hold the door or push a dad out of the driveway (when it's obviously Sunday afternoon and he is taking his kids back to the mother's house on his visitation weekend) is the least we can do as humans.

    Coming back from the hospital today and heading to it I was being tailgated by cars. Seeing the kids step mom tonight trying to calm down the kid that was driving touched me. He was calm before she showed up.

    Really, everyone on the road is someone's daughter or son, wife or husband, mother or father.

    Be kind back off and leave early. Turn on your 4x4 and put down your phone.

    Really greatfull that I am not alone in the house tonight. Because I easily could have been.
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    fastwater "My grace is sufficient for you"

    Yes sir...
    We very often take for granted something we're not promised.
    Getting older and having had a few life experiences that really set me back and made me think, I now open my eyes in the morning and know that the first Blessing of that day has just happened.
  6. I think many are fearful to help because A. They are scared of what they could potentially experience. B. They are not trained/don't know how to handle emergent situations. C. Fearful of litigation or D. All the above. It takes alot for the average individual to face fear and pull over to help. Even as an RN, I have an internal dialogue (pep talk) with myself that no matter how upsetting or traumatic the situation is, I have to make sure the victim is being cared for until emergency services arrive. It's hard enough for a experienced person like myself, I couldn't imagine what it would be like for the untrained bystander. Thank God your wife is OK and prayers for the injured...
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    fishingful Time to fish!

    True, I (while not an RN) have advanced and backcountry medical training. I guess I have been through enough that I have been trained at least to get advanced medical care on its way, calm the person, do a quick symptom check and imobilize if needed.

    There was an RN that stoped for my wife and gave her the quick rundown of typical questions to check for alertness and shock. What's your name, where are you going, who's the president etc. My wife has more advanced training than me. She quickly assessed herself and told him to go check the other person that had not gotten out of the car.

    I am just disgusted at the amount of people that drive by the second accident while the kids were crawling out the top of the car. Just gawking.
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  8. First glad your wife is ok. I see it almost everyday I drive semi. People don't get over for someone that has there 4 ways on let alone someone that might be bleeding. It pi$$es me off. I have lived on a state route all my life. Helped alot of people out over the years. When I do it I always hope someone would do it for me.
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  9. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    We just moved from a busy cut through country road to a state route. Really different. So far 2 accidents in the first week living here. I thought people flew down the side road. At least i live way off the road
  10. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    Fishingful, could you please ask your wife to write out a quick basic list of questions, and what to look for, and/or do, etc. and post it here?
  11. I always call in accidents / drivers in ditches ect as I see them happen even if I don't stop. It's nice having a blue tooth phone so I can hit a button on the steering wheel, say call 911 and give the location.I would bet several drivers did the same as they passed your wife. The ones I've seen has been fender benders w/o life threatening conditions.
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    That is sad that so few stopped to see if help was needed. But don't assume the worst. I'll bet more than half of those 10-15 cars whipped out their cellphones and called 911 to report the accident and medical help was needed.
    I know my wife wouldn't stop if she was alone because of several past experiences with creepers (weird men with unknown motives that won't leave her alone). The last being just one month ago.

    Just seen Snakecharmers post. I thought the same thing.
  13. I've stopped to help people before. You gotta be real careful when you do though! Some people won't slow down or move over if they see a disabled car on the road.

    Once saw a car lose control trying to get off the freeway. It spun, when through a light pole and slid down the hill into a fence. We stopped to help, went to the ramp and almost got hit by a car trying to drive around the light pole. Then, another one almost tried to drive over the light pole as we were trying to move it. Later on, I thought about how stupid it was to try and pick up a light pole that might have electric lines still attached! The off ramp ended up backing up with cars and then another car hit another lit pole at the beginning of the ramp! After that happened, a cop showed up and told us to get the hell back in our car and get out of here! We were more than happy to leave at that point!
  14. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    Just cleaned the snow off my driveway. Watched people drive by going 50 mph texting on a snow covered road. Cleaned up my mailbox pieces and am heading to the store later to buy a new one and clean out the remains of the suv.

  15. I think many of the reasons have been touched upon why most don't stop. Could be people too engrossed in their own life to be inconvenienced in their eyes but many do call I believe that don't stop, or at least I like to think they do. I big part of it is the danger aspect, many first responders and police officers are hit and killed on the side of the road from from drivers not paying attention or yielding, it can be just as easy to cause a second accident from someone quickly trying to merge or slam brakes in an attempt to check on the accident trying to be of assistance. Also, some people have faked break downs or situations to try and rob or take advantage of you. I've stopped when possible, pushed multiple cars into parking lots, out of traffic, recently had picked up some folks when a car was on fire and broke in the middle of the road, I hate to say it but if my wife would tell me she stopped for the same people or situations I would tell her not to for the above safety reasons I mentioned in this post. Hard to trust people now a days.
    I'm glad your wife is OK from the accident.
  16. Wife - Home & Well - VERY VERY GOOD. - as this pics would suggest otherwise. Thankful for a good ending to that.

    Now for the less than popular truth (IMO)...

    Good Sam laws only protect against malpractice suits.
    Although OH Sup Court has upheld it a bit further - if you are named in the suit - you are getting an attorney at your own expense - and then PRAYING the judge will release you - if not - you are on the hook for a bit of $ as you must respond to everything - even though you are not the focus of the suit.

    For those who are unaware - the game of ambulance chasing is one of a PAPER WAR... The dirtbags (DB for short - injury and negligence attorneys chasing 'said' ambulance) wear down (through VOLUME) anyone involved - and they will name everyone they can... The pope, the alien at Area 51, the cow in the field watching and its owner (the evil farmer?) - and its on YOU to get yourself off of that list...

    The DB is hoping for a quick settlement - and after the initial month or so - then they move towards court. If you are along for the ride (because the judge is a moron or the DB is good) then it will become a nightmare - and a costly nightmare... Moral of the story - if you stop - be prepared for a couple hundred to a couple grand worth of paper pushing attorney bills just to get you butt off the list - good sam law or not...

    Remember if you are named in a complaint - under tort law - YOU must respond in a timely manner (answer)... You think its BS - then don't answer - and see what happens.

    If you stop - most cops will try to leave you out of a report if they can - because they KNOW. You get named in a report - then you will be named on any suit.

    Solution 1... In the early centuries they burnt witches at the stake - we need to modernize and perhaps I'd suggest some attorneys who see their ends justifies their means would be a start... Throw in a few of the judges - and - well - I'm dreaming out loud... SORRY...

    Solution 2... A camera on EVERY powered pole out there... Not talking big brother - but I think it would be nice if at any time you could and would see (and track):

    A) ANY abduction LIVE.
    B) any missing adult LIVE.
    C) the moron who seemingly justifies his piss-poor driving on the fact he doesn't get caught.
    D) the dipchit putting on his tie or the woman putting on makeup in the car WHILE driving..
    E) any dirtbag (general term - not referring just to attorneys mention before) doing anything they shouldn't...
    F) MOST importantly - a 911 operator could assess or gauge the situation IMMEDIATELY and respond... Eyes on makes a huge difference (and then you would have tape on what the good Samaritan did as well)...

    I've nothing to hide - I'm willing to give up some privacy for safety...

    Additional ideal: Figure a way to disable all but telephone (voice via handsfree) functions on a cell phone when in the car - I'll venture 30-50% of ALL accidents are because of these lil' toys we have now...
  17. As burnj said, being on the side of the road is extremely dangerous. This is a tough one for me. Should we stop to at least let the people involved know that help is on the way and they aren’t just sitting completely helpless on the side of the road? Should we call and keep going? Of these people who call and keep going, you would be shocked at how many have no idea where they are and often give dispatchers bad information. Country roads maybe not as often, but it happens all day everyday on the freeways in around Columbus. Driver tells dispatch they are on 71 and just witnessed a crash. They are headed north on 71 and just passed Polaris. Only problem is they passed Polaris but were actually headed south and the crash was 3 miles behind them by now. So not only is the information not accurate, but the WRONG fire department was also dispatched. So while it IS dangerous to be in the side of the road, pull far enough off of the road so your vehicle doesn’t become involved, pull past the crash, and NEVER EVER turn your back to oncoming traffic. Be safe out there, and help one another out.
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  18. I have stopped at several accidents over the years including one in Texas where both young ladies in the car were decapitated. That was 30 years ago and I can still see it as though it was yesterday.
    But you are putting yourself in danger if you stop. There was an accident somewhere along the east coast where a cop was the first to show up and the driver shot and killed the cop because there was a warrant out for their arrest. Now that was extreme but you don't know if they are on drugs (fentanyl just has to come into contact with your skin to mess you up) or they could have a head injury which causes them to think you are trying to harm them, have had that happen though not a car accident.
    As far as law suits go they do go after everybody. A few years ago my son back ended a car doing 10 mph. I ended up being named in the lawsuit because I had given him the car knowing he was a bad driver. The car and insurance were in his name, he didn't live with us and yet they still tried to sue me. Lady ended up losing as it was found she had been in 4 other similar accidents in the past 18 months but still I had to waste a lot of my time and money.
    Stopping can put you in danger in many ways so should you stop I don't know. Will I stop again more than likely.
  19. I carry fire extinguisher and flares never know when it could save ones life or your own
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  20. Pretty much same thing today. Running my snow thrower w/headlite on while cutting the mailbox free of plowed snow, facing the oncoming traffic. Country road still a slushy mess, think they'd maybe slow down from warp speed? Nope! Wouldn't even move over a little, could have touched a couple if I'd have put my right hand out! "Stupid" does not begin to cover what I mumbled to myself!