Sad day for my fellow Browns fan

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  1. Ran into my fellow Browns fan buddy the other day, asked me if I remembered his brand new truck that he bought last Nov? On the way to Cleve for the Browns Colts game he stopped at the rest stop, went inside, remembering that he left his 2 tickets on the dash, no problem he says, the truck is locked up. Comes out to see that someone shattered his windshield and left him 2 more tickets.
  2. KaGee

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    Wow, that's terrible...
    I once won a lottery... 1st prize, all expense paid overnight stay in downtown Cleveland.

    The guy who won the consolation drawing got two nights.

  3. ezbite

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    lol, i thought you were gonna say they moved the team to baltimore again, but i dont think that city wants to turn the browns around again.