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S/T Fishoff

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Nickadams, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    Garry, How do we sign up for the fish of at the end of the month? My partner and I have fished the 4 Sunday tournaments required. Do we just show up?
  2. I will be taking names the next couple of weeks so see me either at the start or after weigh-in and I will put you names on the list.

    Remember.... Both waters are off limits (Thurs. 9-22-05 and Fri. 9-23-05 before the fish off.... There will be a 5 FISH LIMIT for everyone on the fish-off!! This way if someones partner can't fish, it will give a single guy a fighting chance against 2 people. BOTH partners must fish at least 4 tournaments.

    Any questions feel free to call me.... My cell number is 614-946-8765 Try to make it in the evenings after 7pm tho... Its hard to hear on my cell phone when I am in the truck.