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#'s of Saugeye stocked

Discussion in 'Walleye & Saugeye Discussions' started by C J Hughes, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Anyone know how many saugeyes were stocked in each lake this year ? Dnr reports 9,100,000 were stocked but they don't give how much for each lake .
  2. They used to break the numbers down by year on the ODNR website, but I now see where they revamped it and dumbed down a lot of their stocking info. Guess we'll have to go back to using that stone age device (telephone) :(.

  3. Yea the phone maybe the best way to go now
  4. This info is still on the ODNR website. Look under Fishing Prospects, the click the region, then the lake in question.
  5. Saildog, I think it depends on the lake. Some lakes are still showing a breakdown by year (CJ Brown walleye) while others only mention the year they started stocking them (Alum & Hoover saugeye).
  6. Sorry. Just looked at my favorite lakes and those happened to be ones they listed...