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  1. I was catching some pretty nice s eye in the creek the other day about 18 inches and was wandering if thay are any good to eat I asked everyone I knew and they said they never ate them so are they any good?

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    Hell no.
    What creek? :D

  3. They are only good if you properly clean them. Bring ALL you catch to me and I will show you how to do it. :p

    Yes of course they are good to eat. Some people think they are even better than walleye.
  4. well I caught them in a creek next to my house and let me tell you they put up one heck of a fight and I am up near yorkville ohio so prolly not near you could you explain on cleaning them?


    yeap u cut here and there and take the meat off of the skin and there u have it.theres as much information in this post for you as there is in your post. hope this helps
  6. kind of like a bass I mean I cust behind the gill then back leave the tail then cut the filet out then the ribcage that about it!
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    and there are some who KNOW:D;)


    like my dad says walleyes are the best grocery's u can take home :)