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    Can you get a boat up Buck Creek from CJ, would be using the trolling motor or at slowest idle if able? Being new to area didn't know if any bolder, road debris or silt (shallow) may be an issue. Gonna try to chase the white bass around this spring, easy picking’s for a 10 year old, was told around the Buck Creek area was the best for spring run. Any opinions?
  2. i tried it once with my small 13ft jon with a 9.9 motor propped as far up as possible. i got stuck:(

  3. Willie - I can get my 14ft boat up there most of the time. The channel is very shallow, especially at times. I take my canoe or kayak when I want to get in the creek.

    BUT - even if you could get your boat up the creek during the spring WB bite - you would piss off dozens of anglers. The creek is very narrow and when that bite is on it is elbow to elbow on both the banks all the way up to the bridge and beyond (even with the rule change last year).

    Besides, you can catch the WB in the lake that time of year too. I know a few places that I do well on them - pm me and I will share with you.
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    I'm with Fish-N-Fool. There's no point in taking a boat up there when you can cast clear across the creek at any point. You would be in the way of the bank fisherman and it's just plain more fun to fish alongside all the other fools that are up there. It does get a bit crowded but I've been going up there for several years and never saw a time I couldn't find a spot. It's nothing like the Maumee River mess.

    If you want to take the boat up there for WB's you would be better to work the channels around the islands. They stage there before coming up the creek.

    See you out there.

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    Those White Bass work all over that North end of the lake, keep an eye on the birds, the gulls will tell you where the fish are, early in the Spring they will stage right in front of Goose Island, I can get my big boat in just past the island but I go no farther, had to have my son pull me off a stump several years ago when I drove on top of it and the boat would just spin around in circles, they will also work the channel on the East side of the lake where you see the fish attractors, and the old railroad bed is another favorite place when they bring the water up and the road gets covered, lowering the lake during the winter exposes it, I fish only for Catfish but I catch many White Bass when they go into there feed mode boiling the water back there, I fish with Shad all dead and they will pick them up off the bottom just like the cats do............Doc
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    Thanks fellas, if you see a red & silver cajun w/Louisiana #'s ease over and say hey.
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    I'll look for you Cajun, I'll be in a Black and Tan Smokercraft, I'll fish the whole month of March, if the ice is off then I'm off to the Ohio River..........Doc
  8. In addition to the points listed already about frustrating shore anglers, taking a boat up buck creek really limits your access. If the water is high enough, you can get past the trussle, but there is a down tree that stretches across the whole creek in between the trussle and new moorefield bridge.

    So, if you thought the advantage would be getting to the nature preserve area of the creek, then I'm sorry to say you won't get there.

    Stick to the islands just before run as mentioned by Doctor. Once the WB start heading up the creek, grab a ultralight rod and fish the shore. You'll have more options and be able to fish more holes on foot.