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  1. I'm looking at purchasing a motorhome/RV within the next 2 yrs. Can anyone recomend a good place to purcahse one? Also should I go with new or used? Should I purchase one that you drive or one that you pull? I think we're going for pull type so that way if we go somewhere we can just detach the RV and drive the truck where ever we want. Also what type of truck would you recomend, if we went with a pull RV?

    I need one that sleeps at least 4 people but sleeps 6 would be better.

    Any advice about RV's would be appreciated. Good things and bad. I've never had one before and I want to make sure we get a good deal.

  2. You could try Ricart here in Columbus. They have RV's and trucks both on the same lot. Make sure you bring your check book. ;) :D If you don't mind the drive Tom Raper RV in Indiana I've heard is a good place. If I were purchasing one I think I'd go with one that you pull behind also. That way you don't have to drive a second car or tow a second car with you.

  3. if u get a chance just take a trip up to Elk Hart Indiana for like a weekend, and look around, i have family up there and its the capital for rv's, trailers, campers, and such, u cant go anywhere in elk hart or surrounding cities without seeing a rv, camper, trailer manufacture, plus there ive noticed at the massive amount of dealers up there, that there prices seem to be cheaper, even on used ones up there. more than likely when me and the wife get one thats where im heading for sure.
  4. hickory hill lake's RV On SR 66 just south of fort loramie. or the place right off I-75 in troy.
  5. Lewis


    Motor homes(the kind of RV that you drive) are notorious gas hogs.
    Maintenance and upkeep can also be very expensive.
    As far as pulling a travel trailer you have to consider your tow vehicle.
    For most travel trailers 18 ft and above you will need a pickup truck or a powerful SUV to tow it.
    A nice alternative is a pop up camper.
    They can be towed with a lot smaller vehicle and you would be surprised at the room they have inside.
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    My mom and dad just purchased a brand new Outback travel trailer this spring after almost a year of research. They love it, and seems they have very high ratings from consumers. My mom and dad got the 21RS' and pull it with a full size Chevy conversion van. They have a slide out for the Queen sized bed in the back that actually makes it a 27' when setup at your site. They are really set up sweet!

    They bought it at Farber's here in Columbus and got an exceptional deal.
    See here for more info:
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    I'd suggest you go with a Trailer. Not just any trailer either. A fifth wheel with at least one slide out with be very comfortable and roomy. I currently have a 2001 30 ft. travel trailer that I'm looking to sell to upgrade to a fifth wheel. I would also suggest if you go with any type of trailer over 26 ft. and you plan on towing it long distances a few times a year...a Diesel pickup is in order. A gasoline engine would do fine but the fuel economy will not be there.
    As far as dealers...do some comparative shopping if you're looking at new units. Check out Trailers manufactured by Keystone, Coachman or Forrest river...all are very nice units.
    Good deals can be found on used trailers too...you just have to find them and look them over real well. The best time for used trailer's is right about now. New ones will be better at year end or at the RV show's in most cities.

    Just my .02...!
  8. For the best prices go LAKESHORERV, OR HOLMAN MOTORS IN BATAVIA. These two dealers are given the best deals and close to them is customesrs first in memphis indiana.

    I purchased a 28 bhs outback a year ago and love it. for more in fo on outbacks go( outbackers.com)

  9. I would rather drive to tom rapers lol than ever deal with ricarts ever again. Burn me once shame on them burn me twice shame on me. I have bought from ricarts before, it was my 1st new vehicle. This was many yrs ago but the nightmare stays with me. I bought this expensive brand new van and in the end I was left with no vehicle and a headache. 4 times the trany had issues. On the 3rd time I had my father in law mark the trany b/c they said they were going to replace it. Well when it came back (and I was told it was a new trany) that mark was still there. When it broke down for the 4th time I called and they had to come tow it back to their shop. I told them to just keep it.

    Thanks for the advice and info. I don't know much about tom rapers. I think if I can I'll deal with individuals and not dealerships. What do you all think? is it better to deal with private individuals or dealerships. I prefer indiv when it comes to cars, vans, etc but what about RVs?
  10. What about that Stoneys? that is pretty close to you, right?? We buy all our camper gear/supplies there........haven't bought a camper from them, but know people that have and they've been very satisfied.

    Definately go with the pull behind - you've got to consider how much camping you'll actually be doing vs. the $$ of an RV........you know??
  11. We plan to travel a lot. prob about every week end and a couple weeks a year. my son is leaving for under water welding academy and when he is certified he'll be working everywhere in the US and I want to be able to go see him anytime I want. so something economical would be best.

    have not been to stoney's but I'll check it out.
  12. Check out www.trailerlife.com, you can find out a lot. The forum is great. I read a lot there before we bought one. We got ours this year. It is a Aerolite Cub214. It is a travel trailer hybrid. We got it from Tom Raper RV in Fairfield Ohio.