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  1. I just purchased a 1977 Dodge Monaco Motorhome. Everything works well except for the 12 volt system.

    I cannot get anything to work off of 12 volt. Everything works fine when plugged in to electric, but if I unplug and start it up I get nothing. No lights, tv, refrigerator etc.

    The guy told me that it worked fine the morning before I showed up, could be a lie I don't really know.He tinkered with it but could not get them to work. So hopefully it is an easy fix that I am missing somewhere.

    The light on the ceiling between the driver and passenger seat will turn on when the door is opened which tells me it is getting 12 volt power. If I shut the door it goes off and I cannot get it to come back on with the switch.

    I am open for suggestions at this point. It doesn't make sense to me that the light works when the door is open but not when it is switched on manually with the door closed.

    Any ideas????
  2. I think you should pull that switch off and check it ,

  3. Its not just that light, its all the lights in the rv as well as the accessories.

    I just used this one light as an example because it tells me they are getting power to them.
  4. The dome light is probably on seperate circuit. I would start at looking for a fuse and trace your power from there. Fuse/switch/light etc.I bet it is something simple. Does it have a isolation switch to switch from 110 to 12 volt power?
  5. The 12 volt system for the chassis and the 12 volt for the camper portion are 2 seperate systems. It could be a few differant problems, there are also 2 seperate power supplies 1st thing to check are the batteries these are seperate from the one that starts the camper. 2nd check the 12 volt fuse on the power converter. 3rd would be the bottom half of the converter could be bad. 4th if there is a generator make sure there isnt a disconect you have to manualy switch. (older motorhome sometimes had them). these are some basic things to check i hope it helps. if you need futher help let me know.

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  6. It does not have a switch to go from 110 to 12 volt.

    No generator. I am pretty sure that the 12 volt system is run off the one battery. There are not any other batteries. Fuses all check good, getting power to both sides. I do not know anything about the converter. Where do I find this, what will it look like? Can I test it?

    Is it possible that the battery that starts the rv also runs the 12 volt system? I have been through it pretty well and am pretty sure there is only one battery.
  7. it is possible that there is only one battery but this is very unusual. but you know best you are there i am not. the converter is what the power cord would lead to and converts the 110 volt to 12 volt. it is in 2 sections a 110 and a 12 volt. it is somewhat comon for the 1 volt half to go bad. the coach batterie also supplies power to this when you are not pluged in. hope this helps.
  8. Yeah, I cannot see anymore batteries. I will look for the converter and make sure all the connections are in good shape.
  9. I'd be willing to bet the starting battery runs the dome light and the rest of the 12v system is run by a seperate "house" battery. Might be a dead battery.

  10. I haved combed over/under the motorhome and cannot find anymore batteries. I believe I found the converter which is under the stove. It has breakers on the box. No luck though....
  11. where are you located?
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    I find it very diffcult to believe that there is not a set of coach batteries in your motorhome. Normally, all the lights, pumps, etc.. are 12VDC. The converter converts your 120VAC into 12VDC. It sounds like your converter is working properly because you say you have 12VDC when you are plugged into 120VAC.

    Since you cannot seem to find the coach batteries, I would say that they're missing and that is the root to your issue. Or they are still hidden and they are dead.

    Is this a Class A or Class C motorhome?
  13. My in laws had a similar rv & the deep cycle for the coach part was hidden in an under floor compartment in the closet. I've also seen a similar rv with it hidden under the entry steps. I'm betting it's there somewhere, you just have to locate it. Maybe the problem is that there is no battery installed or a dead battery once you find it. Hope this helps & let us know.
  14. This is a class C motorhome, here is the addy to ebay with pics and info...

    maybe someone has had one or seen on like it

    I did not look under the carpet in the closet, but that will be my next places to look. There must be a hidden compartment somewhere, but it is a really hidden compartment.

    I will keep looking, thanks for the info so far guys.
  15. Found this online
    John, i don't know what oyur floo plan is. but on my 80' tioga the converter is located behind the small door at floor level under the wardrobe/closet. to the left of the refer. the breaker switches box is in the same compartment.
  16. i talked to all the service techs today and none of the 8 guys have ever seen a coach that doesnt have house batteries. i wish i was closer. the only way there isnt house batteries is if it was altered somewhere along if life. please keep us updated.
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  18. WOohoooooooo

    I found it. I feel like there should be a drum roll....... The coach battery for a 1977 Dodge Monaco Honey Bee Class C 23 Foot Motorhome is in the closet under a trap door. It was not in the floor, but up on a shelf completely encased in wood. There is a small pvc tube running out the back of the motorhome that leads to the compartment, I assume for ventilation. Anyway I am desulfating the battery and will be charging it up soon and my problem should (knock on wood) be fixed.

    I guess my question is now, doesn't this coach battery have any means of recharging through the engine like off the alternator or will I need to charge it all the time?

    Thank you all for your help, I would of never found it or knew about it without your advice. It is greatly appreciated.
  19. there are 2 way the battery gets charged. 1. when the motor is running there is a power isolater that diverts some of the alternator to the battery. 2. if your convertor is working properly, when your camper is pluged into 110 volt electric the convertor has a 1.5 amp charger built into it. always good to plug in 24 hours before trip especially if its local and your not driving very far.


    hope this helps