Rut Tactics!!

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  1. Alright guys,
    I have been reading everyones posts on seeing "action" from their stands the last few days as the rut is at peak or near peak just about everywhere.
    I've only been bow hunting for several years and am constantly reading about the phases of the rut and where to set up during each phase.

    My question is for those who are seeing peak activity (bucks chasing/tending does). Why did you set your stand where you did see activity?
    Are you hunting transition areas? Travel corridores? Does bedding areas in AM or PM? Food plots? Acorns? Primary scrapes?
    What time of day? what is the significance of the area?

    We all are all hunters, therefore, we are usually a very opinionated crowd.
    So give me your opinion, I'm listening.

  2. Hmmmmm, This is my take on rut. My situation is very different then others. Right now I say they are starting to go. Next week I say is prime. I hunt everynight. I sit in different places in the same woods so that I can't get paterned. I hunt bedding in the morning and food in the evening. I make sure I try to get where multi pathes come into one or one area. When you move around from stand to stand you play wind and it gets the big boy wondering if your there or not. Also if I spot a big one far away come out I will see what time it was and which direction he goes. Next night I sit in the same place to see if he is comeing out the same place and time. after 3 times of that then I set up on him by wind and take him down. Some of my take on it.

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    I agree with some of that.

    Hunt bedding(big knarley thicket) in the morning and food source(find the doe primary food source and sit on it) in the evenings.

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    In the areas that i hunt, I set up on fence rows that connect different sections of woods. The bucks walk the fence row during the rut to check out the other woods.
  5. thanks for the opinions. I will be heading out Saturday- Monday.
    I'll be sure to let you know what we saw.