Rut is still kickin

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Boston30, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Spent some time in the woods yesterday and saw three bucks. One with his nose to the ground and rattled another in. The bucks are still moving in my neck of the woods.
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    Watched a monster 10 visit two scraps and rub on some over head branches Sat Morning after coming up the hill with his nose to the ground, 52 yds from me looked to be old 4 year range. I already took his brother a good 9... but as he went to walk off i couldn't resist seeing what would happen...... i grunted... he turned and looked my way... he turned to walk away... i grunted again... he spun and looked.... he arrived at 7:15.... i finally lost sight threw the brush at 7:35.... when i dug my binoculars out and had to take a look that way... raised them up he was still looking at me.... 52 yds away.... i slowly put them away and watched... he stayed still and looked at me till 7:55 when someone over the hill shot 3 times not 80 yds away from us.... he slowly turned his head in that direction... slow motion like... then after 10 mins looked back at me and stared for 5 mins... then slowly... i mean real slowly creep away.... amazing... hunted this boy for 2 years... had a # of close calls... no wonder he is till alive... to smart to move quickly... creeps through the woods.... and never moves more then is necassary.... amazed he stood so still for so long..... we gotta give these old boys more credit.

  3. Those boys don't get big being dumb. I hope the rut is kicking this week. I will be in the stand all day Wednesday and Friday. I will hunt the mornings of Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I hope the big boy wanders past within those 5 days cause I am going to put the time in.
  4. hey i gotta great book from north american hunting club. its called white tail wisdom, lots and lots of good info!! from prime areas to secrets of day time bucks. i recommend this book,:! hope it helps me put another one on the wall i was out last week seen a few does and one nice buck couldnt call him in though!! about a 10 with a nice spread. its been a few years since i took a nice buck, and i have been telling my girl friend that my wall looks bare with only two on there lol!!!! good luck guys!!!!!
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    I just had a pretty decent Buck run a doe off of the feeder in the back yard.
    She was in heat bigtime.
    We watched her before he showed up...she had her tail all sideways and twitching like crazy.
    So I would say its still going on.
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    i got in the woods last night with one disaster after another. on my way in i got poked in the eye which is not fun and then i got to my tree and two kids come flying by me on 4 wheelers and two dogs running with them. At this point i knew the night was over with so i went for a walk and found 3 huge scrapes with fresh tracks.Im just happy i got my buck already but im kinda upset cause i didnt get to see the rut in action.Next year i guess
  7. I saw a small buck running a doe hard on saturday evening. I put my trail cam up saturday on a scrape that has had non-stop activity for the last few weeks. I think they are starting to hit the scapes more often now again, with fewer and fewer does left in heat to breed.
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    I suspect tomorrow morning will be an amazing day for deer movement, you can bet I'll be out.
  9. i got my eyes on fri. morning... I hunted almost every morning the last 2 weeks and never had that majical heavy frost, potato chip leaves morning, it was cold enough, but soggy... i hope it is different friday. seen a little chasing, but not like other years...
  10. first thing this morning the bucks and does were out and on the move. I spooked a bunch heading to my stand. Then nothing more all day except for a single spike that walked under my tree at 1:00. its just too windy.
    im looking forward to gun season just because we are supposed to get real cold later in the week. That should stir things up.