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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by CoolWater, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Was back out again late afternoon, was a bit more efficient than the trip from the 23rd. Went 1 for 1, one hookup- with the fish landed. The fish was 22 inches and as you can see kinda beat up looking and sorda dark. Also was cool to run into a buddy from OGF within seconds of the catch - it was still in the net in fact - kinda crazy. O yea, fish hit hardware - Mepps spinner...


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    I've pretty much always followed the format of the TSS guidelines when it comes to locations. If you aren't familiar with those guidelines it's rather straight forward... If a catch is made anywhere other than an officially stocked tributary - I won't mention the location.

    Hope you understand my sensitivity about protecting waters/locations that are only comprised of 'strays'. :)
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    Very good answer. That fish really resembles a salmon in that picture. Nice fish!!!
  4. Wow, ok... I guess giving away a river over 100 miles long is top secret now too. I wont even ask what state or country you are in. Enjoy your fish and make sure to photoshop any landmarks out of the photos :rolleyes:
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    Maybe he does not want to say because he did the leg work to find the fish and spots he catches steelhead at.
    Maybe you should try that. :)

    BTW nice fish!

  6. Everybody can understand that, but I never asked for his tactics or exact location. I asked what river. If a guy won’t even say what body of water he is fishing might as well not post anything at all, just seems like a very elitist attitude. I will be the first one to admit that I am new to steelie fishing, and never ever in many years of bass and other specie fishing have run into such secrecy as some/few steelhead guys seem to hold. Don’t get me wrong, I have been out a few times this year and most are VERY helpful one guy even showed me his hot spot for the day and offered to give me his jigs (I declined of course I had plenty).

    Ive had many members here PM and email me regarding LM bass fishing and I couldn’t imagine telling someone "hey I can’t tell you anything, I hope you understand", I guess that’s not in my nature. Some guys straight up come out and say they want some help, so I can put them on some nice Bass and share my tackle, lures and tips but ultimately I cant catch the fish for them. It took me several years to learn to consistently catch 5-7lb bass in this state and I am glad to save some poor guy some time and frustration by sharing my knowledge. There are all types, and I respect that, if I ever need a net and coolwater is closeby I will remember to forget to ask him as he will probably charge a fee too. :cool:
  7. I've taken my share of newbies out on the river and put them on their first steelehead. For those of you that know me, you know that I'll do anything to help someone catch one. With that being said, if I found a spot on an unstocked river, there is NO WAY I would post that river on a forum where thousands of people will read it. Since you are relatively new to steelheading, you probably don't know what a madhouse the rivers can be during steelhead season. I sometimes get to the river at 4 am just for some peace and solitude before the crowds come. If you wanted the name of the river, your best bet is to contact the poster via pm. I can see where you're frustrated by this, but once you find your own secret spot, post about it, and then rarely can you fish it due to the pressure, you will understand.
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    This will be my 2nd year hitting the steelies up regularly. I might have made 2-3 trips 3yrs. ago but not like I do now going at least once a week. I drive from Akron and I normally leave around 4:30am-5:00am just so I can get there before people start showing up. When they show up I head down river to hit a couple spots I have scouted earlier in the year. I can completely understand 100% why he doesn't even want to name the river! Bass fishing/bass spots aren't even comparable to steelie fishing/steelie spots. If the man makes a good post with a beautiful pic of a steelie why does he need to give any information other than that????
    Nice fish man!
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    Bigdaddy300, funny you mention thinking it looked like a salmon, exactly what I thought as I looked over the fish. Bottom gums on the fish were completely black so I was thinking king... The guy that I was with is an avid salmon fisherman and he did give the fish a second and third look... still said it was steel, just a very odd looking one. I've caught a wopping 2 total kings ever and those were deep water trolling and the fish were chrome - so I don't have any experience IDing kings as they take color.

    Thanks for all the responses in defense of my position about not naming non stocked waters for steelhead. When there are entire Steelhead specific sites with the same policy as what I use (The Steelhead Site), I knew I wasn't out of line with what I have used as my personal guideline for doing posts since 2001, when I originally started fishing for steelhead.

    hollandbass, I'm not sure really where to start but I will try to explain a few points. First off, I always respect other peoples opinions but to take an assertive stance on something you admit you are new to - doesn't make a lot of sense. As for my posts - if it was just a picture and a picture alone, there would still be a majority of people here that would want to see it. Why? Not because its bragging it's just most of us here like to share in each others catches and see fish! Regardless of whether the post was going to give us a location or not. Having said that, I do include how I catch the fish nearly always. So for the people who just think posts should be info only and not 'entertainment' there is something of value - the tactic. Research steelhead posts by me you'll see alot that are "hit small water went 3 out 7 with fish taking 1/64 oz. black hair jig/pink head and 1 on a little cleo". So I won't give the location but the exact tactic I used to catch the fish - very simple - apply it to the water you fish. I won't spoon feed any more than that. Your comparison of LM Bass which naturally occur and are self sustaining in all 88 counties in Ohio to a species that is soley sustained through human efforts - well those differences alone are why you can't compare them. As for the 100 miles comment, as you do your own research you will soon learn where the dams are that prevent further Steelhead migration, so in some cases the stretches arent really that long in relative terms and in many cases they truly do have a landmark that would make the specific spot easily identified. I'm sure the next question is "who cares if you can see the exact spot?". Well for example - the two places I fish Steelhead within the city limits of Toledo- there are so few fish that I am lucky to see more than 1 or 2 at any time I'm there and at times it's not a single fish. Do you think if I named the location or provided a photo that made it easy to see where I was that those fish would ever be there for me again? Order a Mepps 2008 Fishing Guide (ok shameless plug there!) and look at the cover, thats me with a 27" colorful steelie came out of water only 12 ft wide and maybe a foot or two deep at the widest/deepest spot. Think that type water should be protected from the masses? Ok, I'm sure my point is made.

    I do appreciate your opinion, and it's very likely other newer members or new to steelheading people have wondered or thought the same things you are... you have allowed me the opportunity to explain my position. If you ever want help with any tactics for steelhead or even want to hit a stocked tributary - I'd be more than happy to help.
  10. Holland Bass,
    I'm catching them in the grand, from the coast guard station to Ram Island. I troll sticks with as much orange as i can find.

    They are much bigger and fresher anyhow!

    2 tips we got a dozen.

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    Point? If you wouldn't have skim read this thread you would see it is about giving locations on or naming NON Stocked tributaries. No one, including myself, is making a case about not saying what body of water if you are on a stocked trib.
  12. I hate to break it to you guys but there are no secret spots or rivers. I have been in this game for awhile now and what he thinks is a secret spot or river is in his mind only and although he did not tell anyone here, others know and fish it probably on a regular basis. I am not trying to start anything, I just get annoyed by how some people think like that and photo shop their pics and all the other stuff, why even post if you do not give atleast what river. The probablity of someone finding your so called Top Secret Spot on a river if mentioned is slim to none. The fish are there and have been there for awhile now and with the rain they should be spread out pretty good, giving everyone some much needed elbow room. Every river from west to east of Lake Erie will have fish in it by the time they are at fishable levels and to think that everyone will drop their normal spots and run to a different river becasue he caught that one fish and posted a pic of it, is way off base and highly unlikely.

    On a side note, Nice fish glad to see you got into them and hope every trip you take this year is as successfull and fulfilling as the last. I got nothing but love for you hard core spinner guys, I ain't got in me to throw spinners even though I have seen many fish taken with them, I even have the same problem with the Jig and Maggot/Bobber rig, I watch guys all the time hammer them with this setup but I can't bring myself to fish these ways. I started swinging flies and see no point in changing now, if it aint broke, don't fix it Right! I will throw everyone a bone to end it, if you dont already know there are fish in the Grand, Chargrin, The V (Lower sections), Rocky,Conny, Walnut, Elk, All the mile streams in Pa, so get out there spread out and do some walkin, you will run into them at some point.:) I personally love to Run and Gun and get alittle much needed exercise.
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    I feel like I'm talking to a wall so this will be my last post on this thread.

    Read my original response to hollandbass, answer given.

    You couldn't be more wrong. Do you know how many people from places like Toledo would love to not drive all the hours to Vermilion->east. They would very quickly change to a place closer if it provided the same opportunity for a fish or two. If I didn't have a space quota on my private messages folder I would be able to link NUMEROUS requests from people asking where my spots are in NW Ohio. If there was a Walleye Run somewhere in Cleveland in the Spring do you think people in Chagrin Falls would still head to the Maumee River?
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    I lied, I will do one more post.

    Know what I just realized!? It truly is Steelhead season, not because of the calendar date, not because of the cooler temperatures, not because we got rain... but because we have the first argumentative high jacked thread of the season!! Woot! A sure sign the season is upon us! Grab your gear! :D

    To the newbies this is an annual tradition - at least several times a season we have threads that go south with everyone yapping at each other. It's always over naming locations, C & R vs. harvest, or fly vs. spinners.
  15. I did not know you had a Cult following from all your exposure on that catalog cover, back to the drawing board, I guess I don't know as much about Steelheading as I thought.:confused: I just love this site and word of mouth plug every chance I get, telling people to join and how much info can be gained about different rivers, lakes and general fishing stuff by registering and sharing their own fishing adventures with everyone. The Erie guys give Gps cords because they know the fish can be here today and gone tommorrow, same goes for the rivers, one day a hole is loaded, the next day they push out and guess what? The hole is empty till the next pod comes through. Giving a river name or lake fished is only a reference or starting point, finding and catching fish is a whole nother story and any fishermen should know that by now. I have smelled the evil :S many a time in the begining of my fishing epic. Dont worry as soon as I am done with the Lake I will give everyone all the info they need about the rivers, I know better than to think that just because you know what river has fish in it does not mean you can grab your Zebco and clean house.
  16. Congrats on the great fish Adam!!

    Adam should not feel the need to divulge more information or even defend his post. He has just as much right to post pictures only and without locations as those who choose to post locations. Everyone has his/her reasons for doing so. Hollandbass, as you stated you are relatively new to the site so I would suggest that you give it some time and you will see that Adam's view on how much to post is not that unique. I think many are willing to do as he said and go out with someone to fish a body of water but would just rather not post something that may drag more people into his fishing holes. To each his own.
  17. Thanks for all the replies, but I still don’t see how posting a river name will get "the crowds" to his exact spot. :confused: I am 99% sure what river it is anyhow, I just wanted to confirm and figured if anything coolwater would brag (rightfully so) since catching a steelie there requires extra work. Again, nobody is asking for exact honey holes. Hell, if anyone wants to catch a Pike on the same "secret" river coolwater is on I can tell you where to go and what to do, and there are technically no pike there. I have no problem doing that because I know how hard it is, very few of them and you will be throwing bucktails all day for one follow at best, but it’s possible, and better than throwing the bucktail for weeks at other spots where there are no fish period. Ether way, if coolwater doesn’t want to say that’s his right and I will stop there.

    As for those bass, heh yeah they are common alright but you don’t see too many people ctahing a few 6lb fish weekly ;)
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    I am not a steelheader (yet:)) and will not enter the debate. I will only add this I will offer the river but never the location for my own reasons, I have recieved pm's and glady offered more info on location, if someone visits my store I am obligated to give info and will do so freely. I have fished with some great guys from this site and made friends and gained alot of knowledge from fellow anglers, I have sent pm's and received alot of very good info. Perhaps a pm sent with a greeting and asking if he would be willing to help a newbie might be better recieved. I do agree with bassin420. The are no such things as private spots even on private waters someone at some time has fished it. some spots required work and effort to get to and receive less pressure and there for a less recogizable to the those that stay close to access points. Many are fair weather fisherman who aren't willing to brave a blizzard for a banner day of fishing. We all have to make sacrifices for our fish and can be protective of them. Study up on river etiquette and this will present us all with better days on the water and perhaps more shared experience for all of us. I know when I get up there to do some steelheading I will be doing just that steeling all of your heading and snakeing those spots.:) ok not really but I do hope when that time come I can hook up with some guys to fish with and if you guys want to fish the equal to steelheading down hear come and fish the hybrid runs. S

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I must chime in.

    Adam is completely 100% correct in everything he has said. I want to thank Adam for sharing the photo with us. Regardless of what river the fish was taken, I personally enjoy looking at everyones smiling faces in the photos and the beautiful fish that they present to the camera.

    For those that don't know or are new to the search of steelhead, please stop comparing what you think you know about Bass and what you think you know about Steelhead. They don't compare.

    Plain and simple unspoken rule, and in some cases, some sites it is a RULE that no mention of what river should be said if that said river is an Un-Stocked tributary. If you don't know what tributaries are stocked, you should begin researching on the web what your trying to argue about before you open your mouth and spew un-educated non-facts.

    If you keep asking where to fish, you haven't even used the "SEARCH" button on OGF to read all the links to maps and access spots that have been posted over the past seasons, yet you continue to post questions on where, why, how, blablalba.....You probably haven't even read the sticky's at the top of the Steelhead forum.

    There is enough information on OGF and other forums to keep you reading for an entire season. Educate yourself before you start saying what is the big deal.

    It isn't a big deal to those asking to be spoon fed. If someone doesn't want to post where they got the fish, then what's the big deal.. If it gets people angry that they aren't told where to go, what to use, how to hold their rod, set their drag, type of line, type of mono, type of float, etc... they should do some research with the SEARCH button, as it already on OGF.

    Sorry for the flaming hi-jack of the thread Adam....I am kinda tired of hearing NEWBIE steelie fishermen complain that we don't wipe their rear ends as well.