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Rushcreek Lake.lots Of Fun For Kids! And Me Too

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by eye4neye, May 18, 2004.

  1. I Have Been Over To Rushcreek About 4 Or 5 Times In The Last Week And A Half And Had A Ball, All Except For Today, Because The Motor Took A Crap On Me, Still Caught Quite A Few Fish Though...the Crappies Are Really Hitting Good, On 2-3 Inch Jigs, I Have Been Using Berkely Power Baits, With A Pearl Tail And Natural (tan) Looking Bodies, With A 1/8 Oz. Or 1/16 Oz Pink Or Were They Hitting Great The First Night I Son And I Caught About 25 In Just An Hour Of Fishing...we Went To Just Check Out The Boat For The First Time, And Grabbed To Poles And Some Jigs,,,,,we Have Been Back Several Times And Got Crappies, Bluegills And Small Channel Catfish...on Wax Worms No Less....we Have Had Alot Of Fun...just Thought I Would Share With Everyone....eye
  2. Sounds like you have have had a blast and doing great on the crappies. Is it me or does anyone seem that this has been excellent in Central Ohio for decent sized crappies? What happened to your motor? I hope that you get it fixed soon, so that me and you can hook up at hit Lake Logan soon.


  3. bigfoot i have noticed the same thing around central ohio, lots and lots of BIG crappie. And not just from one lake seems like almost all of the central ohio lakes are producing nice crappie. I cant say much about lakes other than Deer Creek but i know that the size limit has made a big difference, didnt use to catch anything over 7 or 8 inches but now you get lots of 10 inchers and some 12 and even bigger.

    Great job on the crappies eye. Is there a size limit over there? How big were the ones you were getting? I have not fished over there in the last few years but i used to get lots and lots of crappie but they were all on the small side, 7 or 8 inchers.
  4. hey twistertail

    we got into alot of the smaller ones at times too, but we also got into some really nice 10-11 even an occasional 12 once and 13's yet, but ill keep trying as long as the motor gets back to me quickly...hope this helps out......oh yeah...they were in about 7-8 foot of water yesterday, and the water temp varied from 70-73Degrees depending on where i was....what really surprissed me in the last few days is that most of them still had the eggs in them...thought they would have spawned by now, but evidentally not all of them have...take care twister....eye
  5. Is the fishing any good from the bank or are the fish out in deeper water? I have never fished here and I don't have a boat so I am stuck on the bank. Thanks for the info and congrats on the good days.

  6. You can fish from the bank in a few spots. As you are driving to the boat ramp there is a cove that comes up really close to the road, you can fish that cove form the bank and do pretty good. There is a lot of standing trees up in there that you can cast to.
  7. I may have to try this lake

    maybe tomaorw after work???
  8. if you dont have any company---i would be willing to try and go ---my boat is out of commision for a few weeks with motor work...let me know---you can email me or pm me------good luck---eye(tony)

    hey fishtinger

    when i get the boat back i can take you over some time also....just keep in contact with me if you want to try it some day...tony
  9. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    I've fished Rush Creek for a couple of years. My guess is that its high and muddy with all the rain the past 11 days. If you are in a boat go east from the ramp to a point that sticks out on the south side. From this point to an area where there is a tree down (hint) The river bed runs real close to the shore and the crappies (prespawn) stage along this area. Don't forget the coves with all the trees in the water. This is a great lake for taking kids for a great time. I took misfit and he had a ball. :)
  10. Plans have changed, the woman wants me tomaorw night(Friday)

    what about Monday evening? I get off at 6 in lancaster. Maybe the water will be down by then

    you up for it too twister?
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    thanks for the great time,dad :p
    it would have been more fun if you would have actually put me on some fish :rolleyes:
    if you take me again,i'll give you another bass lesson :D
  12. dont think i can make monday, i could do something on wednesday.
  13. wednesday evening would work also
  14. Where is Rushcreek? Is it a creek or a lake? sounds like a good place to me! Any hp limit? Thanks, jrb

    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    :D I have been wanting to go there... Is that the big Lake? The one with lots of shoreline to walk all around it? Yep, long time no hear from me... (fisherlady7 on GFO) I have started fishing here for about 2 wks. now. caught some here and there... crappies is what is going on now...
  16. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    It's off Rt22 east of Lancaster. I've heard there are some big gills in there, is that true? I'm going to try it out soon since I live so close. Used to be a slot limit on bass...under 12" or over 15"?
  17. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    Rush Creek is about 300 acres with a 10 HP Limit. There is also a 15" minimum on Bass. I have a friend that has taken several bass over 5# but most of the Bass I have seen are in the 2 to 3 lb range. The state has been stocking Channel Cats in it since 92. Most of the channels I have caught there have been small but I also had a few while crappie fishing that were monsters that normally broke off. The bluegill I have taken from Rushcreek have also been on the small size. If you just bought a new fishfinder this lake has some super structure to learn to use it.
  18. katfishmcgraw

    katfishmcgraw aficianado

    "This is a great lake for taking kids for a great time. I took misfit and he had a ball." classic :D