Rush Run

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  1. Any one know if the trout were released, and if so is anyone getting in to them?
  2. I don't think they have released any yet because of the big snow storm last weekend. Maybe this Friday.

  3. We were there today and they said the state released the fish last Friday as scheduled. There were several there fishing today but only a few were caught. They said it takes a week or so for them to settle in before they really start hitting good.
  4. Cool, I might have to take a ride out later this week.
  5. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    I'm gonna try and get up there Friday morning after work. Let you know what happens.
  6. cantsleep,
    Did you make it to rush run on friday?
  7. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    I did get out for a couple of hours Friday morning. Little rain, cool, thought I'd do O.K., but only ended up with two bites and no hookups. Saw six other guys out, all of us spread around the south end of the lake, around the dam.
    Only saw one guy catching anything, (naturally he was where I was planning on setting up) and he had two. Said he was fishing PowerBait on the bottom.
    I threw some small spinners and spoons, got nothing til I went deep and got the two bites.
    Gonna try again early this week.:S
  8. im brand new to the forum so hi guys, having said that i was out at rush run yesterday (sunday) for a few hours and did extremely well everyone was catching them around us all afternoon im headed out there again in the morning. i found that yellow powerbait between 2 and 3 feet off the bottom is what they are hammering at the boat launch ramps off the handicapped area where the rod holders are.
    i tried black and white roostertails and didnt have any luck talking to other people there nobody was doing well with anything but powerbait. some guy was using corn i think and he seemed to be doing pretty good though. towards the rocks on the dam people were alsodoing pretty well. i didnt see too many people catching them on the far side of the dam though, i hope this helps or at least does some good. best of luck
  9. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    powerstrokethis,welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll enjoy the forums.
    thanks for the report.
  10. im gonna be up there tomorrow trying out some of that new trout krilla bait.
  11. got skunked water is too muddy and i guess the weather is too good today.
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    I havent fished for trout in a while. Maybe have to check it out this weekend. Never been to Rush Run.
  13. Has anyone gotten started on Rainbow Lakes near Dayton. I heard they're under new management have started stocking trout & pike.
  14. I went to Rainbow the second day they were open. Caught 1 channel cat about 1 1/2 Lb. I dont think they had stocked very good. We always caught alot of fish on other opening weekends
  15. we got to Rush Run Saturday afternoon - parking lot was pretty full. We got one trout - about 12-13 inches..and talked to a few people at the ramp, no on e was killing them and bait choice seemed random. The water is still muddy but looks like it is getting better.

    They have had 2 trout dumps this year so it should be pretty good fishing.